Summer Sessions Tuition 2024


Summer Tuition
$824 per credit hour + $75 technology fee*


Summer Graduate
Varies by program, please reach out directly to the program for more information

*Some courses carry additional fees above the tuition (i.e., labs, discussions).  Additional fees will be listed in the Interactive Course Schedule when the final schedule is released.

Calculating Cost

To find the cost of your Summer Sessions course, multiply the tuition per credit hour by the number of credits. Each course incurs an additional technology fee and some labs and art courses may have additional fees.


  1. Four-credit fully face-to-face or online course: $824 (per credit hour) x 4 (credit hours) = $3296 + $75 technology fee = $3,371
  2. Four-credit face-to-face science with a 0-credit lab: $824 (per credit hour) x 4 (credit hours) = $3,296 + $110 lab fee + $75 tech = $3,481
  3. Four-credit face-to-face science with a 1-credit lab: $824(per credit hour) x 5 (credit hours) = $4120 + $75 tech = $4195

Financial Aid

To receive financial aid for Summer 2024, students only need to submit their 2024-25 FAFSA.  Documents and more information can be found at the Financial Services website.

Continuing PLU undergraduate students wishing to receive financial aid for the summer term no longer need to fill out a Summer Financial Aid Application. Instead, students wishing to receive financial aid for summer only need to submit their 2024-25 FAFSA. Students who are enrolled in at least six credits who wish to borrow loans only need to email requesting to apply a portion of their loans to summer. Please note that any loans borrowed for summer attendance will reduce the amount available for fall and spring semesters.

Undergraduate students beginning their initial enrollment at PLU in the summer are not eligible for aid until the fall or spring semesters.

Graduate students in cohort programs should contact their department about financial aid options and procedures for summer courses.

Billing and Payments

All billing for Summer Sessions is handled through PLU’s Office of Student Financial Services. More information about billing and making payments will be posted on this page later this spring or you can visit the Office of Financial Services’ website below.

Office of Student Financial Services

Questions about making payments, FAFSA, or transcripts? The Student Financial Services can help!