Summer Sessions at PLU offers courses in face-to-face and online formats, across a variety of majors, subjects, general education requirements.

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Tentative Schedule*

CRNSubjectCourse #Section #TitleCommentsCredMeeting DaysTimesDates
10239ARTD2301Ceramics 1 CX 4M T W R0830-112006/03-06/28
10241ARTD3151The Art of the Book I CX 4M T W R1130-142006/03-06/28
10247ARTD3201Photography 2: Digital CX 4M T W R1130-142007/08-08/02
10002BIOL2051Human Anatomy/Physiol I NW 4M T W R0830-112006/03-06/28
10003BIOL205LL01Human Anatomy/Physiol I LAB 0M T W R1200-150006/03-06/28
10403BIOL2061Human Anatomy/Physiol II NWCo-register for BIOL 206-L01 (#10404).4T W R F0830-112007/08-08/02
10404BIOL206LL01Human Anatomy/Physiol II LABLab Fee: $110.00. Co-register for BIOL 206-01 (#10403).0T W R F1200-150007/08-08/02
10005BIOL3301Genetics 4M T W R0830-112006/03-06/28
10006BIOL330L01Genetics LAB 0T W R1200-150006/03-06/28
10074CHEM1151General Chemistry I NW 4T W R F0830-112006/03-06/28
10075CHEM115LL01General Chemistry I LAB 0T R1300-153006/03-06/28
T R1230-153006/03-06/28
10076CHEM1161General Chemistry II NW 4T W R F0830-112007/08-08/02
10077CHEM116LL01General Chemistry II LAB 0T R1230-153007/08-08/02
T R1300-153007/08-08/02
10078CHEM3311Organic Chemistry I 4T W R F0830-112006/03-06/28
10080CHEM3321Organic Chemistry II 4T W R F0830-112007/08-08/02
10079CHEM333LL01Organic Chemistry I LAB 1T R1230-170006/03-06/28
T R1300-170006/03-06/28
10081CHEM334LL01Organic Chemistry II LAB 1T R1300-170007/08-08/02
T R1230-170007/08-08/02
10245COMA1201Intro to Media Studies CX 4M T W R0830-112006/03-06/28
10401CSCI1151Solve It With Computers QR 4M T W R1130-142006/03-06/28
10012ENGL2131Topics: Themes/Authors IT Topic: Revenge, the Law, and Justice4ON06/03-06/28
10014ENGL2132Topics: Themes/Authors IT Topic: True-Crime Literature: America's Obsession with Crime and Murder4ON07/08-08/02
10261ENGL3131The Art of the Book I CXArt Studio Fee: $100.00. Cross-listed with ARTD 315 (#10241), PPAP 321 (#10259), and PPAP 322 (#10263).4M T W R1130-142006/03-06/28
10093FTWL1001Personalized Fitness Prog FT 1ON06/03-06/28
10094FTWL1591Walking for Health FT 1ON06/03-06/28
10237GSRS2871ST: Reproductive Justice 4M T W R F06/03-06/28
10285HISP1011Elementary Spanish GE 4ON06/03-06/28
10402HISP1021Elementary Spanish GEAsynchronous online class.4ON07/08-08/02
10090HIST1031Modern World Conflicts ES,GE 4ON06/03-06/28
10092HIST3891ST: Indust, Imper., & Indepen.Industrialization, Imperialism, and Independence in Global History4ON06/03-06/28
10096KINS3801Exercise Physiology 4T R0830-100006/03-06/28
10098KINS4781Motor Learning & Human Perform 4M T W R F0830-112006/03-06/21
10099KINS4951Internship SR 4M0830-100006/03-08/02
10010MUSI1011Introduction to Music CX 4ON06/03-06/28
10225PHIL1211The Examined Life VW 4ON06/03-06/28
10406PLUS2871ST: Intro to Data Analytics2ONChoose between T/R 16:00- 17:30 PM or W/F 13:00-14:3006/03-06/28 (pre-class mtgs start week prior)
10408PLUS2872ST: E-Commerce Marketing2ONChoose between T/R 16:00- 17:30 PM or W/F 13:00-14:3006/03-06/28 (pre-class mtgs start week prior)
10407PLUS2881ST: Data Visualization Tableau2ONChoose between T/R 16:00- 17:30 PM or W/F 13:00-14:3007/08-08/02
10409PLUS2882ST: Social Media Strategy2ONChoose between T/R 16:00- 17:30 PM or W/F 13:00-14:3007/08-08/02
10258POLS3651Race and Ethnic Politics ES,GE 4BL - T W R F1130-142006/03-06-28
10087PSYC1011Intro to Psychology ES 4ON07/08-08/02
10085PSYC3201Devel Across the Lifespan 4ON06/03-06/28
10083PSYC3751Psychology of Women 4ON06/03-06/28
10089PSYC4481Cognitive Psychology 4ON06/03-06/28
10259PPAP3211The Art of the Book I CX 4M T W R1130-142006/03-06/28
10263PPAP3221The Art of the Book II CX 4M T W R1130-142006/03-06/28
10253RELI2291Hlth/Healing Christian Hist IT 4ON06/03-06/28
10254RELI2292Hlth/Healing Christian Hist IT 4ON07/08-08/02
10249RELI2361Native Amer Reli Trads VW,GE 4ON07/08-08/02
10256RELI2401African Amer Reli Trads VW,GE 4ON07/08-08/02
10057SOCI1011Intro to Sociology ES 4ON06/03-06/28
10405STAT2311Introductory Statistics - QR4T W R F830-112006/03-06/28
10008THEA1601Intro to Theatre CX 4ON06/03-06/28
*Schedule subject to change at will of the university. Complete schedule, with full class descriptions, will be posted on Banner.