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Summer Sessions at PLU offers courses in face-to-face and online formats, across a variety of majors, subjects, general education requirements. Check out what courses are being planned for 2022 in February! New courses added regularly; this schedule subject to change.

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Summer Sessions 2022 Schedule*

10002ANTH102Human Cultural Diver C, SO406-0607-01ONLINE, Asynchronous
10003ANTH203Great Discoveries in Arch C,SO406-0607-01BLENDED, Online & On-Campus14301720MTWR
10005ARTD220Photography I: BW AR407-0507-29ON CAMPUS08301120TWRFStudio lab fee: $65
10007ARTD230Ceramics 1 AR406-0607-01ON CAMPUS08301120TWRFStudio lab fee: $65
10021ARTD315The Art of the Book I AR406-0607-01ON CAMPUS08301120TWRFArt fee: $65
10009ARTD320Photography 2: Digital AR406-0607-01Studio lab fee: $65
10011ARTD3553D Digital Modeling AR407-0507-29ON CAMPUS11301420TWRFStudio lab fee: $30
10013ARTD387ST: Materials 1: Cosplay AR407-0507-29ON CAMPUS08301120TWRFStudio lab fee: $75
10018BIOL205Human Anatomy/Physiol I NS,SM406-0607-01ON CAMPUS08301120TWRFCo-register for BIOL 205 Lab (10019)

Lab fee: $100
10019BIOL205Human Anat/Phys I LAB NS,SM006-0607-01ON CAMPUS12001500TWRFCo-register for BIOL 205 (10018)
10023BIOL206Human Anatomy/Physiol II NS,SM407-0507-29ON CAMPUS08301120TWRFCo-register for BIOL 206 Lab (10024)
10024BIOL206Human Anat/Phys LAB II NS,SM007-0507-29ON CAMPUS12001500TWRFCo-register for BIOL 206 (10023)

Lab fee: $100
10026BIOL330Genetics406-0607-01ON CAMPUS08301120MTWRCo-register for BIOL 330 Lab (10027)
10027BIOL330Genetics LAB006-0607-01ON CAMPUS12001500WRCo-register for BIOL 330 (10026)

Lab fee: $100
10029BIOL355Ornithology406-0607-01ON CAMPUS120015001120TWRFCo-register for BIOL 355 Lab (10030)

Lab fee: $100
10030BIOL355Ornithology LAB006-0607-01ON CAMPUS07001100TWRFCo-register for BIOL 355 (10029)
10042CHEM115General Chemistry I NS,SM406-0607-01ON CAMPUS08301120MTWRCo-register for CHEM 115 Lab (10043)
10043CHEM115General Chemistry I LAB NS,SM006-0607-01ON CAMPUS12301530TRCo-register for CHEM 115 (10042)

Lab fee: $100
10045CHEM116General Chemistry II NS,SM407-0507-29ON CAMPUS08301120MTWRCo-register for CHEM 116 Lab (10046)
10046CHEM116General Chemistry II LAB NS,SM007-0507-29ON CAMPUS12301530TRCo-register for CHEM 116 (10045)

Lab fee: $100
10048CHEM331Organic Chemistry I406-0607-01ON CAMPUS08301120MTWRCo-register for CHEM 333 Lab (10050)
10050CHEM333Organic Chemistry I LAB106-0607-01ON CAMPUS12301700TRCo-register for CHEM 331 (10048)

Lab fee: $100
10120CLAS231Epic Fail: Down and Out in Two Ancient Epics (L)406-0607-01ONLINE, Asynchronous
10275CSCI115Solve it with the computer (MR, NS)406-0607-01ON CAMPUS08301120MTWR
10092ENGL214Intro to Major Lit Genres LT407-0507-29ONLINE, Asynchronous
10094ENGL216Topics in Literature C,LT406-0607-01ONLINE, Asynchronous
10103GEOS103Earthquakes,Volcanoes/Hazards NS,SM406-0607-01ONLINE, Synchronous11301420MTWRCo-register for GEOS 103 Lab (10104)
10104GEOS103Earthquakes,Volcanoes/Hazards LAB006-0607-01ONLINE, AsynchronousCo-register for GEOS 103 (10103)

Lab fee: $100
10242GERM301Composition & Conversation I,C406-0607-29ON CAMPUS11301350MTWRF
10106GSRS287ST: Reproductive Justice, A406-0607-01ONLINEOnline, asynchronous, with weekly online synchronous meeting
10113HISP101Elementary Spanish I406-0607-01ONLINE, Asynchronous
10115HISP102Elementary Spanish II407-0507-29ONLINE, Ansynchronous
10474HISP201Intermediate Spanish C406-0607-01ONLINE
10476HISP202Intermediate Spanish C407-0507-29ONLINE
10107HIST103Conflicts in Modern World C,SO407-0507-29ONLINE, Asynchronous
10109HIST107Ancient Near East SO406-0607-01ONLINE, Asynchronous
10111HIST389ST: Adv Modern World Hist. C,SO407-0507-29ONLINE, AsynchronousAdvanced course includes a research component
10121KINS495Internship SR406-0608/05ONLINE, Synchronous08301000M
10132MATH107Math Explorations MR,NS406-0607-01ON CAMPUS08301120TWRF
10134MATH128Linear Models & Calculus MR,NS406-0607-01BLENDED, online and in person14301650MTWRFIn person TW, online MRF
10160MUSI101Introduction to Music AR406-0607-01ONLINE
10162MUSI120Music and Culture AR,C407-0507-29ONLINE
10128PHED100Personalized Fitness Progrm PE106-0607-01ONLINE, Asynchronous
10131PHED100Personalized Fitness Progrm PE107-0507-29ONLINE, Asynchronous
10129PHED159Walking for Health PE106-0607-01ONLINE
10183PHIL125Ethics and the Good Life PH406-0607-01ONLINE08301120TWRFMostly asynchronous, w/some synchronous
10185PHIL125Ethics and the Good Life PH407-0507-29ONLINE, blended 08301120TWRFMostly asynchronous, w/some synchronous
10264PLUS287ST:Intro. Applied Data Analytics206-06 with 1 week early intro class07-01ONLINEThis class is not eligible for the PLUS Year benefit
10265PLUS288ST:Data Visualization w/Tableau207-0508/05ONLINEThis class is not eligible for the PLUS Year benefit.
10187PSYC101Intro to Psychology SO406-0607-01ONLINE, Asynchronous
10189PSYC320Devel Across the Lifespan406-0607-01ONLINE, Asynchronous
10191PSYC448Cognitive Psychology406-0607-01ONLINE, Asynchronous
10266PSYC495Internship06-0608-05ONLINEInstructor's Signature Required to Register
10193RELI227Intro Christian Theologies RC407-0507-29ONLINE, Asynchronous
10197RELI229Health/Healing Christian Hist RC406-0607-01ONLINE, Asynchronous
10199RELI229Health/Healing Christian Hist RC407-0507-29ONLINE, Asynchronous
10195RELI232The Buddhist Tradition C, RG407-0507-29ONLINE, blended 10001100WRMostly asynchronous with one hour synchronous per week
10267RELI236Native American Religious Traditions406-0607-01ONLINE, Asynchronous
10244RELI239Environment and Culture RG407-0507-29ONLINE
10204SOCI101Intro to Sociology A, SO406-0607-01ONLINE, Asynchronous
10202SOLU101Intro to Southern Lushootseed406-0607-01ONLINE, Asynchronous
10206THEA160Intro to Theatre AR406-0607-01ONLINE, Asynchronous

*Tentative Summer Schedule 2022

This is a tentative schedule, subject to change. Complete schedule, with full class descriptions, will be posted on Banner in April.