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Summer Sessions at PLU offers courses in face-to-face and online formats, across a variety of majors, subjects, general education requirements. See the table below to view the courses being offered for Summer Sessions 2023.

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PLU students register through Banner. Please contact your academic advisor if you have questions about which classes are best for your schedule.

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Tentative Schedule*

Summer Sessions 2023 Schedule*

10078ARTD220Photography 1: Black and White CX47/10/20238/4/2023in person830 am1120TWRFStudio lab fee: $65
10072ARTD389ST: The Art of Props46/5/2023
6/30/2023in person830 am1120TWRFStudio lab fee: $75
10264BIOL205Human Anat & Physiology I NW46/5/20236/30/2023in person830 am1120TWRFmust co-register for BIOL 205 LAB
10265BIOL205 LABHuman Anat & Physiology I Lab06/5/20236/30/2023in person12001500TWRFmust co-register for BIOL 205
10003BIOL206Human Anatomy and Physiology II NW47/10/20238/4/2023in person830 am1120TWRmust co-register for BIOL 206 LAB
10005BIOL206 LABHuman Anatomy and Physiology II Lab07/10/202237/10/2023in person12001500TWRFLab for BIOL 206
10007CHEM115 General Chemistry I NW46/5/20236/30/2023in person830 am1120TWRFmust co-register for CHEM 115 LAB
10008CHEM115 LABGeneral Chemistry I Lab06/5/20236/30/2023in person12301530RLab for CHEM 115, lab fee $110
10010CHEM116 General Chemistry II NW47/10/20238/4/2023in person830 am1120TWRFmust co-register for CHEM 116 LAB
10011CHEM116 LABGeneral Chemistry II Lab07/10/20238/4/2023in person12301330RLab for CHEM 116, lab fee $110
10013CHEM331Organic Chemistry I 46/5/20236/30/2023in person830 am1120TWRFmust co-register for CHEM 333 LAB
10015CHEM333 LABOrganic Chemistry I Lab16/5/20236/30/2023in person12301700RLab for CHEM 331, lab fee $110
10017CHEM332Organic Chemistry II47/10/20238/4/2023in person830 am1120TWRFmust co-register for CHEM 334 LAB
10019CHEM334 LABOrganic Chemistry II Lab17/10/20238/4/2023in person12301700RLab for CHEM 332, lab fee $110
10152ENGL216Topics in Literature C, LT46/5/20236/30/2023online
10154ENGL217Topics in Literature A, LT47/10/20238/4/2023onlineTopic: Contemporary Short Stories by Writers of Color
10143FTWL100Personalized Fitness and Wellness FT16/5/20236/30/2023onlineasynchronous
10144FTWL159Walking for Health FT16/5/20236/30/2023online
10163GSRS287ST: Reproductive Justice46/5/20236/30/2023onlineTopic: Reproductive Justice
10150HIST103Conflicts in Modern World C, SO47/10/20238/4/2023online
10239HIST389Advanced World History C, SO47/10/20238/4/2023online
10001KINS 478Motor Learning & Human Perform46/5/20236/30/2023in person830 am10amMTWRF
10145KINS 495Internship SR4BOTH TERMSBOTH TERMSinternship 830 am10amM
10070LANG271Literature Around World LT 46/5/20236/30/2023onlineasynchronous, Topic: Heroic Refugees and Dispossessed Heroes: Two Ancient Epics Speak to Our Times
10199MATH107Math Explorations MR, NS46/5/20236/30/2023in person11301420TWRF
10201MATH115College Algegra/Trig MR, NS46/5/20236/30/2023online830 am1120TWRFsynchronous
10203MATH128Linear Models & Calculus MR, NS46/5/20236/30/2023blended14301650MTWRF
10023MUSI 101Introduction to Music CX46/5/20236/30/2023online
10120PHIL121The Examined Life VW46/5/20236/30/2023online
10277PLUS287Global Digital Marketing: E-Commerce26/5/2023**6/30/2023onlinesee optionssee optionsTWHFsynchronous
**pre-term meet-up scheduled
10279PLUS288Global Digital Marketing: Social Media Strategy27/10/20238/4/2023onlinesee optionssee optionsTWHFsynchronous
**pre-term meet-up scheduled
10211PSYC101Intro to Psychology SO46/5/20236/30/2023online
10213PSYC320Develop Across the Lifespan46/5/20236/30/2023online
10215PSYC375Psychology of a Woman A46/5/20236/30/2023online
10217PSYC448Cognitive Psychology46/5/20236/30/2023online
10122RELI226Christian Ethics VW46/5/20236/30/2023online
10283RELI227Intro to Christian Traditions: Harry Potter and the Christian Tradition46/5/20236/30/2023onlineasynchronous
10127RELI229Health and Healing in Christian History RC47/10/20238/4/2023onlineasynchronous
10131RELI240African American Religious Traditions VW, GE47/10/20238/4/2023online
10133SOCI101Intro to Sociology A, SO46/5/20236/30/2023onlineasynchronous
10059SOCI201Intro to Criminal Justice46/5/20236/30/2023onlineasynchronous
10135THEA160Intro to Theatre AR46/5/20236/30/2023onlineasynchronous
10136THEA387Nature, Theatre, and Society27/10/20238/4/2023in person11301420TWRF
*List of courses planned for Summer Sessions 2023 at Pacific Lutheran University. Schedule subject to change at will of the university. Complete schedule, with full class descriptions, will be posted on Banner in April.