PLU 500th anniversary of the Reformation events

September 2017

Monday, Sept. 11-Monday, Nov. 5 – Mortvedt Library

This exhibit will feature Luther’s German Bible, published in 1522 at the beginning of the Lutheran reformation, as well as other books, manuscripts, and artwork of the period. As The Economist and The New York Times have noted, Luther was a media pioneer who used every form of communication available and every art medium to promote a new vision of Christianity and its radical commitment to education for all persons. For more go to The New York Times’ “Long Before Twitter, Martin Luther Was a Media Pioneer.”

Thursday, Sept. 28 – 1-5 p.m. – Scandinavian Cultural Center

The Lutheran Studies Conference will focus on vocal music, singing in the Lutheran tradition and universities and colleges.

Thursday, Sept. 28 – 7:30 p.m. – Lagerquist Concert Hall in the Mary Baker Russell Music Center

Under the direction of Dr. David Cherwien, the National Lutheran Choir has become one of the top-ranked choral ensembles in North America. A center of musical excellence, PLU welcomes this distinguished choir as they present a concert marking the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation. While tickets are free, they must be secured on the campus prior to the concert. Look for more information on the PLU website in August 2017.

October 2017

Friday and Saturday, Oct. 6 and 7 – Trinity Lutheran Church

This theatrical production, sponsored by the PLU German Department and Trinity Church Parkland, features the Holger Teschke play set in 16th century Germany. Teschke, of the Ernst Büsch School of the Theater Arts in Berlin, is the playwright and will be directing the acting ensemble. Look for more information on the overview of the play, the time, and ticket sales at the PLU website in September.

Sunday, Oct. 22 – 3 p.m. – Lagequist Concert Hall

The October concert in the Richard D. Moe Organ Series in PLU’s Lagerquist Hall will feature 4-hand (and feet) organ transcriptions played by University of Illinois organist Dana Robinson, and PLU organist Paul Tegels. The concert will include a transcription, written by Paul Tegels, of the last two movements of the Reformation Symphony of Felix Mendelssohn. Come and hear the mighty sounds of the Gottfried and Mary Fuchs organ in this glorious setting of “Ein Feste Burg”.

Tuesday, October 31

On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther distributed a document to his faculty colleagues at the University of Wittenberg, a document with 95 theses that called into question the spiritual economy of the late medieval church and criticized the pope who sanctioned the sale of spiritual favors of dubious repute. For 500 years, Lutherans and other Protestant Christians have celebrated the beginning of the Reformation on this date.

PLU will mark this significant day in the history of Lutheran education with a variety of events on campus. Stay tuned for updates on this calendar for more information.

November 2017

Sunday, Nov. 5 – 3 p.m. – Lagerquist Concert Hall

Commemorating 500 years of Lutheran Reformation. Puget Sound ELCA congregations, the Southwestern Washington Synod and Pacific Lutheran University invite you to worship. Praising God in Word and Sacrament, we give thanks for the heritage we share, the communion of saints and the gifts of the Reformation. This special worship service will include a pastor’s procession, preaching by Bishop Richard Jaech, communion and joint choirs.

Tuesday, Nov. 7 – Lagerquist Concert Hall in Mary Baker Russell

The PLU Religion Department sponsors this lecture in honor of two alumni, David and Marilyn Knutson. We welcome Dr. Ulrich Duchrow, Professor of Theology at the University of Heidelberg and leader of the international Radicalizing Reformation Project. The lecture is free and open to the public.