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General Resources

All That Jas: Journal Abbreviation Sources

Hypermedia Glossary of Genetic Terms

UCMP Glossary

Seminar Videos

Career Panel 3.15.2013

Note: All following seminars have been recorded but are on DVD.  They can be rented from the PLU library.


The Arabidopsis Information Resource

University of Connecticut Greenhouses

University of Washington Medicinal Herb Garden

Cell and Molecular Biology

Biodic: The Ultrastructures Website

Cell and Molecular Biology Online



Conservation Biology

The Society for Conservation Biology

Developmental Biology

C. elegans Movies

Trans-NIH Xenopus Initiative

Xenbase: A Xenopus biology and genomics resource



Evolution Resources from National Academies


Genomics Primer


Marine Biology

Underwater Times

Washington Tides



Navigating Careers in Biology

77 Things to do with a degree in the Biological Sciences

Careers in the Biological Sciences

Masters Degree Online


Allen Brain Atlas Portal

Society for Neuroscience

The Brain From Top to Bottom

Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences

Neuroscience and Biomedical Sciences

Virology and Immunology

All the Virology on the WWW

This Week in Virology


Herpetology at the Burke Museum

The Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

Instructor-Related Resources

Advances in Physiology Education

Cell Biology Laboratory Manual

Cells Alive!

Cool Science for Educators

Laboratory Exercises in Evolution

Life Sciences Education

The Biology Project

The National Center for Case Study Teaching

The Sourcebook for Teaching Science

Virtual Classroom Biology