“What if people of all faiths and traditions worked together to promote the common good for all?  What if once again, young people led the way?  Across the country, Muslims and Hindus, Jews and Christians, Buddhists and non-religious, are coming together in a movement of interfaith cooperation.  They are proving that the 21st century can be defined by cooperation between diverse communities instead of conflict.  Read more. Get involved.  Let’s prove we are better together.” – ifyc.org

What Interfaith Means at PLU

At PLU, we strive to promote mutual understanding and community among students of different faiths by hosting educational and service events on or around campus, that enable students to work together for the common good.

Recent interfaith events include day trips to a Russian Orthodox Monastery on Vashon Island and two local Buddhist Temples.  Other events have included interfaith prayers for peace, and interfaith chapel services hosted by representatives of the Jewish faith, Buddhism and Russian Orthodoxy.

If you are interested in any of the events or have questions about Interfaith, you can email the Campus Ministry office at cmin@plu.edu.

Interfaith Literacy Quiz

Think you’ve got what it takes?  These 10 questions test your knowledge of interfaith cooperation in diverse religious and ethical traditions.