Campus Ministry

Jen  Arbaugh

Jen Arbaugh

The University Congregation Secretary



Jen is a native Washingtonian who grew up in California, but came back to the Pacific Northwest for college as soon as she could. She’s an English major who loves discovering symbolism in books and has a habit of correcting her friends’ grammar mistakes. In addition to UCong, she’s involved in The Mark—a creative writing club at PLU—and the PLU Writing Center. In her spare time, she’s either running or working on a project with her stash of scrapbooking paper spread across her room. If she could travel anywhere, Jen would head to Alaska to see the Northern Lights and as many stars as possible—she’s always been fascinated with the vast beauty of the sky. Her most memorable journey was when she drove through Death Valley to see the Grand Canyon with her family on a camping trip. They pitched the tent one night in the middle of the desert, and the next in banks of snow. During that trip, she learned that the earth is more mysterious and diverse than she ever imagined...and that the desert is also a great place for stargazing.