Campus Ministry

Maria Cruse

Maria Cruse

University Congregation Council Member At-Large



Maria will be a junior in the fall, studying music to become a band director. Her hometown is in Edgewood, Washington, just up on the other hill opposite of PLU. She tells people that she is from Puyallup because that's where she went to high school and spent a lot of her time. In fact, some of her closest friends can call it their second home because they visit there so often. Puyallup is home to the fair, farmer's market, and is full of great people. She also enjoys participating in other Campus Ministry groups such as Intervarsity, and For The King. She loves going to small bible study groups and large groups when a speaker comes in. For The King takes place outside of campus, and she also likes going there; what a good way to spend Friday nights! She’s not really an athlete, so she watches from the sidelines as a cheerleader for her friends on sports teams. She is in the University Wind Ensemble, as a percussionist, and they are like a family that laughs together and gets to make wonderful music.


Maria just got back from an extraordinary trip, which was pretty much her dream trip, but another place she wants to visit is Ireland/ United Kingdom. Ever since seeing the beautiful landscape of New Zealand, its infinite greenery, has made her want to visit somewhere similar in geography, which she thinks is Ireland. Her neighbors took a trip there and really liked it. She just wants to see the green rolling hills, and probably doesn’t have to adjust that much because they also might have a similar climate to the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys the culture that is throughout Ireland and Scotland; including the music and people. She would like to visit the UK because of London, where she could explore the massive architecture and once again just breathe in their culture.


Her most memorable journey was traveling to Australia on the WE International Tour 2013. Every year or so her band takes a tour, where they perform in different places. This year they got to spend two weeks traveling the country, stopping in four cities: Melbourne, Bairnsdale, Canberra, and Sydney. The whole trip was full of amazing adventures and great memories. They did so many things that it takes her so long just to tell people about it. The journey was special for her because she never had been on an international flight to go somewhere that far away before, and she got to know a lot of her peers better and make new friends. One of her favorite parts of the trip was listening to their UJE just blow the house down with their funky music. Another highlight was visiting the national capital, Canberra and going to their museums. They were so huge that it'd take her days just to see everything in them. She will never forget this trip and definitely wants to go back someday!