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Marit Swanson

Marit Swanson

Campus Ministry Steward



Marit is from Redmond, Washington. She studies Elementary Education with an Endorsement in ELL. Her other involvements at PLU include Emerging Leaders, Orientation Guide, and Sankta Lucia. The next place she wants to visit is India because she wants to experience everything their beautiful culture has to offer!!! 

Marit’s most memorable journey is travelling around Scandinavia with her sister. It was significant because they got to visit some spectacular sites and learn more about their heritage. They went to the most beautiful place on this earth, the Lofoten Islands (where she is in her staff photo). They met some of their Swedish relatives, and just got to travel and bond with each other as sisters. They also went to the Ice Hotel, and got to go dog sledding and cross country skiing in both Norway and Sweden, and she showed her sister the place where she studied abroad! It was a memorable journey she got to share with her sister! They saw a lot, experienced a lot, and grew a lot as sisters!