Arts , Music, Theatre (AR)

ARTD 101Drawing 1 - AR
ARTD 1022D Design/Color Theory - AR
ARTD 110Graphic Design 1 - AR
ARTD 180History of Western Art I - AR
ARTD 181History of Western Art II - AR
ARTD 201Drawing 2: Figure Drawing - AR
ARTD 2023D Design - AR
ARTD 220Photography I: BW Photography - AR
ARTD 230Ceramics 1 - AR
ARTD 250Sculpture 1 - AR
ARTD 280Art Methodology and Theory - AR
ARTD 287Special Topics in Art - AR
ARTD 288Special Topics in Art - AR
ARTD 289Special Topics in Art - AR
ARTD 310Graphics Design 3
ARTD 315The Art of the Book I - AR
ARTD 320Photography 2: Digital Photography - AR
ARTD 3553D Digital Modeling - AR
ARTD 380Modern Art - AR
ARTD 381Contemporary Art - AR
ARTD 382Art of 19th-Century Europe - AR
ARTD 383Studies in Art History - AR
ARTD 387Special Topics in Art - AR
ARTD 388Special Topics in Art - AR
ARTD 389Special Topics in Art - AR
ARTD 420Photography 3: Color Photography - AR
ARTD 450Sculpture 3
ARTD 480American Art to 1900 - AR
ARTD 481Approaches in Art Criticism - AR
ARTD 482Exhibition Politics - AR
ARTD 488Special Topics in Art - AR
ARTD 490Gender and Art - A, AR
CHIN 271China Through Film - AR, C
COMA 120Media in the World - AR
DANC 170Introduction to Dance - AR
DANC 362Healing Arts of the Mind and Body - AR
MUSI 101Introduction to Music - AR
MUSI 103History of Jazz - AR
MUSI 105The Arts of China - AR, C
MUSI 106Music of Scandinavia - AR, C
MUSI 111Music Fundamentals I - AR
MUSI 113Music Fundamentals II - AR
MUSI 115Introduction to Keyboarding - AR
MUSI 116Basic Keyboarding - AR
MUSI 120AMusic and Culture - AR, C
MUSI 120BMusic and Culture - AR, C
MUSI 121Keyboarding I - AR
MUSI 122Keyboarding II - AR
MUSI 124Theory I - AR
MUSI 125Ear Training I - AR
MUSI 126Ear Training II - AR
MUSI 201APrivate Instruction: Jazz - AR
MUSI 201BPrivate Instruction: Jazz - AR
MUSI 201CPrivate Instruction: Jazz - AR
MUSI 202APrivate Instruction: Piano - AR
MUSI 202BPrivate Instruction: Piano - AR
MUSI 202CPrivate Instruction: Piano - AR
MUSI 203APrivate Instruction: Organ - AR
MUSI 203BPrivate Instruction: Organ - AR
MUSI 203CPrivate Instruction: Organ - AR
MUSI 204APrivate Instruction: Voice AR
MUSI 204BPrivate Instruction: Voice - AR
MUSI 204CPrivate Instruction: Voice - AR
MUSI 205APrivate Instruction: Violin/Viola - AR
MUSI 205BPrivate Instruction: Violin/Viola - AR
MUSI 205CPrivate Instruction: Violin/Viola - AR
MUSI 206APrivate Music Instruction: Cello/Bass - AR
MUSI 206BPrivate Music Instruction: Cello/Bass - AR
MUSI 206CPrivate Instruction: Cello/Bass - AR
MUSI 207AMusic Instruction: Flute - AR
MUSI 207BPrivate Instruction: Flute - AR
MUSI 207CPrivate Instruction: Flute - AR
MUSI 208APrivate Instruction: Oboe/English Horn - AR
MUSI 208BPrivate Instruction: Oboe/English Horn - AR
MUSI 208CPrivate Instruction: Oboe/English Horn - AR
MUSI 209APrivate Instruction: Bassoon - AR
MUSI 209BPrivate Instruction: Bassoon - AR
MUSI 209CPrivate Instruction: Bassoon - AR
MUSI 210APrivate Instruction: Clarinet - AR
MUSI 210BPrivate Instruction: Clarinet - AR
MUSI 210CPrivate Instruction: Clarinet - AR
MUSI 211APrivate Instruction: Saxophone -AR
MUSI 211BPrivate Instruction: Saxophone - AR
MUSI 211CPrivate Instruction: Saxophone - AR
MUSI 212APrivate Instruction: Trumpet - AR
MUSI 212BPrivate Instruction: Trumpet - AR
MUSI 212CPrivate Instruction: Trumpet - AR
MUSI 213APrivate Instruction: French Horn - AR
MUSI 213BPrivate Instruction: French Horn - AR
MUSI 213CPrivate Instruction: French Horn - AR
MUSI 214APrivate Instruction: Trombone - AR
MUSI 214BPrivate Instruction: Trombone - AR
MUSI 214CPrivate Instruction: Trombone - AR
MUSI 215APrivate Instruction: Baritone/Tuba - AR
MUSI 215BPrivate Instruction: Baritone/Tuba - AR
MUSI 215CPrivate Instruction: Baritone/Tuba - AR
MUSI 216APrivate Instruction: Percussion - AR
MUSI 216BPrivate Instruction: Percussion - AR
MUSI 216CPrivate Instruction: Percussion - AR
MUSI 217APrivate Instruction: Guitar - AR
MUSI 217BPrivate Instruction: Guitar - AR
MUSI 217CPrivate Instruction: Guitar - AR
MUSI 218APrivate Instruction: Harp - AR
MUSI 218BPrivate Instruction: Harp - AR
MUSI 218CPrivate Instruction: Harp - AR
MUSI 219APrivate Instruction: Harpsichord - AR
MUSI 219BPrivate Instruction: Harpsichord - AR
MUSI 219CPrivate Instruction: Harpsichord - AR
MUSI 223Theory II - AR
MUSI 224Jazz Theory Laboratory - AR
MUSI 225Ear Training III - AR
MUSI 226Ear Training IV - AR
MUSI 234Music History I - AR
MUSI 327AComposition - AR
MUSI 327BComposition - AR
MUSI 327CComposition - AR
MUSI 333Music History II - AR
MUSI 334Twentieth Century Music - AR
MUSI 345Conducting I - AR
MUSI 351Accompanying - AR
MUSI 352Organ Improvisation - AR
MUSI 353Solo Vocal Literature - AR
MUSI 354History of Music Theatre - AR
MUSI 355Diction I (English/Italian) - AR
MUSI 360Choir of the West - AR
MUSI 361University Chorale - AR
MUSI 362University Men's Chorus - AR
MUSI 363University Singers - AR
MUSI 365Chapel Choir - AR
MUSI 366Opera - AR
MUSI 368University Choral Union - AR
MUSI 370University Wind Ensemble - AR
MUSI 371University Concert Band - AR
MUSI 375University Jazz Ensemble - AR
MUSI 378Vocal Jazz Ensemble - AR
MUSI 380University Symphony Orchestra - AR
MUSI 381Chamber Ensemble - AR
MUSI 383Piano Ensemble - AR
MUSI 390Intensive Performance Study: Ensemble Tour - AR
MUSI 395Music Centers of the World - AR
MUSI 401APrivate Instruction: Jazz - AR
MUSI 401BPrivate Instruction: Jazz - AR
MUSI 401CPrivate Instruction: Jazz - AR
MUSI 402APrivate Instruction: Piano - AR
MUSI 402BPrivate Instruction: Piano - AR
MUSI 402CPrivate Instruction: Piano - AR
MUSI 403APrivate Instruction: Organ - AR
MUSI 403BPrivate Instruction: Organ - AR
MUSI 403CPrivate Instruction: Organ - AR
MUSI 404APrivate Instruction: Voice - AR
MUSI 404BPrivate Instruction: Voice - AR
MUSI 404CPrivate Instruction: Voice - AR
MUSI 405APrivate Instruction: Violin/Viola - AR
MUSI 405BPrivate Instruction: Violin/Viola - AR
MUSI 405CPrivate Instruction: Violin/Viola - AR
MUSI 406APrivate Instruction: Cello/Bass - AR
MUSI 406BPrivate Instruction: Cello/Bass - AR
MUSI 406CPrivate Instruction: Cello/Bass - AR
MUSI 407APrivate Instruction: Flute - AR
MUSI 407BPrivate Instruction: Flute - AR
MUSI 407CPrivate Instruction: Flute - AR
MUSI 408APrivate Instruction: Oboe/English Horn - AR
MUSI 408BPrivate Instruction: Oboe/English Horn - AR
MUSI 408CPrivate Instruction: Oboe/English Horn - AR
MUSI 409APrivate Instruction: Bassoon - AR
MUSI 409BPrivate Instruction: Bassoon - AR
MUSI 409CPrivate Instruction: Bassoon - AR
MUSI 410APrivate Instruction: Clarinet - AR
MUSI 410BPrivate Instruction: Clarinet - AR
MUSI 410CPrivate Instruction: Clarinet - AR
MUSI 411APrivate Instruction: Saxophone - AR
MUSI 411BPrivate Instruction: Saxophone - AR
MUSI 411CPrivate Instruction: Saxophone - AR
MUSI 412APrivate Instruction: Trumpet - AR
MUSI 412BPrivate Instruction: Trumpet - AR
MUSI 412CPrivate Instruction: Trumpet - AR
MUSI 413APrivate Instruction: French Horn - AR
MUSI 413BPrivate Instruction: French Horn - AR
MUSI 413CPrivate Instruction: French Horn - AR
MUSI 414APrivate Instruction: Trombone - AR
MUSI 414BPrivate Instruction: Trombone - AR
MUSI 414CPrivate Instruction: Trombone - AR
MUSI 415APrivate Instruction: Baritone/Tuba - AR
MUSI 415BPrivate Instruction: Baritone/Tuba - AR
MUSI 415CPrivate Instruction: Baritone/Tuba - AR
MUSI 416APrivate Instruction: Percussion - AR
MUSI 416BPrivate Instruction: Percussion - AR
MUSI 416CPrivate Instruction: Percussion - AR
MUSI 417APrivate Instruction: Guitar - AR
MUSI 417BPrivate Instruction: Guitar - AR
MUSI 417CPrivate Instruction: Guitar - AR
MUSI 418APrivate Instruction: Harp - AR
MUSI 418BPrivate Instruction: Harp - AR
MUSI 418CPrivate Instruction: Harp - AR
MUSI 419APrivate Instruction: Harpsichord - AR
MUSI 419BPrivate Instruction: Harpsichord - AR
MUSI 419CPrivate Instruction: Harpsichord - AR
MUSI 420Private Instruction: Pedagogy - AR
MUSI 427AAdvanced Orchestration/Arranging - AR
MUSI 427BAdvanced Orchestration/Arranging - AR
MUSI 427CAdvanced Orchestration/Arranging - AR
MUSI 430Piano Literature I - AR
MUSI 431Piano Literature II - AR
MUSI 451Piano Pedagogy I - AR
MUSI 453Vocal Pedagogy - AR
THEA 160Introduction to Theatre - AR
THEA 220Voice I - Voice and Articulation - AR
THEA 222Voice II - Stage Dialects - AR
THEA 230Movement I - AR
THEA 235Movement II - AR
THEA 250Acting I - Fundamentals AR
THEA 255Stage Technology - AR
THEA 270Dramatic Literature - AR
THEA 271China Through Film - AR, C
THEA 355Lighting Design - AR
THEA 359Acting for the Non-Actor - AR
THEA 453Costume Design - AR
THEA 455Scenic Design - AR

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