Alternative Perspectives (A)

ANTH 192Practicing Anthropology: Makah Culture Past and Present - A, SO
ANTH 225Past Cultures of Washington State - A, SO
ANTH 230Peoples of the Northwest Coast - A, SO
ANTH 330Cultures and Peoples of Native North America - A, SO
ANTH 334The Anthropology of Contemporary America - A, SO
ANTH 338Jewish Culture - A, SO
ANTH 360Ethnic Groups - A, SO
ARTD 490Gender and Art - A, AR
COMA 303Gender and Communication - A
DANC 362Healing Arts of the Mind and Body - AR
EDUC 205Multicultural Perspectives in the Classroom - A
ENGL 217Topics in Literature: Emphasis on Alternative Perspectives - A, LT
ENGL 232Women's Literature - A, LT
ENGL 341Feminist Approaches to Literature - A, LT
ENGL 342American Ethnic Literatures - A, LT
HISP 341The Latino Experiences in the U.S. - A, LT
HISP 441U.S. Latino Literature - A, LT
HIST 305Slavery in the Americas - A
HIST 348Lewis and Clark: History and Memory - A
HIST 357African-American History - A
HIST 359History of Women in the United States - A
HIST 360The Holocaust: The Destruction of the European Jews - A
HIST 460History of the Western and Pacific Northwest U.S. - A
IHON 253Gender, Sexuality and Culture - A, H2
NURS 365Culturally Congruent Health Care - A
PHED 315Body Image - A
PHED 362Healing Arts of the Mind and Body - A, PE
PHIL 220Women and Philosophy - A, PH
PHIL 227Philosophy and Race - A, PH
POLS 353US Citizenship and Ethnic Relations - A, SO
PSYC 375Psychology of Women - A
PSYC 405Workshop on Alternative Perspectives - A
RELI 230Religion and Culture - A, RG
RELI 236Native American Religious Traditions - A, RG
RELI 257Christian Theology - A, RC
RELI 351Church History Studies - A, RC
RELI 354Theological Studies - A, RC
RELI 357Major Religious Thinkers, Texts and Genres - A, RC or RG
RELI 368Feminist and Womanist Theologies - A, RC
RELI 393Topics in Comparative Religions - A, RG
SCAN 286Sámi Culture in Global Indigenous Contexts - A or C
SIGN 101Sign Language - A
SIGN 102Sign Language - A
SOCI 101Introduction to Sociology - A, SO
SOCI 240Social Problems - A, SO
SOCI 332Race and Ethnicity - A, SO
SOCI 440Gender and Sexuality - A, SO
SOCW 101Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare - A, SO
SOCW 175January on the Hill - A, SO
SPED 195Individuals with Disabilities - A
WMGS 201Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies - A

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