Mathematical Reasoning (MR)

CSCE 115Solve It With the Computer - MR, NS
MATH 105Mathematics of Personal Finance - MR, NS
MATH 107Mathematical Explorations - MR, NS
MATH 115College Algebra and Trigonometry - MR, NS
MATH 123Modern Elementary Mathematics I: Number Sense and Algebraic Sense - MR, NS
MATH 124Modern Elementary Mathematics II: Measurement, Geometric Sense, Statistics and Probability - MR, NS
MATH 128Linear Models and Calculus, An Introduction - MR, NS
MATH 140Analytic Geometry and Functions - MR, NS
MATH 151Introduction to Calculus - MR, NS
MATH 152Calculus II - MR, NS
STAT 231Introductory Statistics - MR
STAT 232Introductory Statistics for Psychology Majors - MR
STAT 233Introductory Statistics for Sociology and Social Work Majors - MR
STAT 291Directed Study MR

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