Charges, Fees, and Fines

All fees are non-refundable whether a student withdraws from the semester or withdraws from a course. This includes course fees, graduation fees, health insurance plan fees, private music lesson fees, etc.

Course Fees
These fees are charged in addition to tuition. The class schedules for each term lists the individual course fee amounts.

Graduation Processing Fee
A $100 fee is charged to baccalaureate and master’s degree candidates. The fee is charged to the student’s account during the semester/term the application is submitted and is due at that time. The fee is charged every time a student applies for graduation. The fee for lost or replacement diplomas is $55.

PLU Wellness Access Plan
Effective August 1, 2012

All students are automatically enrolled, and the plan costs $150 per semester.

Health Center Charges
Health Services will charge a student’s account, or a student may pay directly, for immunizations, lab work and prescriptions.

Late Registration Fee
Students adding or withdrawing from a course(s) after the last day of the listed add/drop deadlines for a specific term or semester will be assessed a $100 Late Registration fee per transaction. These dates are listed in class schedules for each semester or term.

LuteCard Fee
A fee of $20 is charged to replace lost or stolen student IDs. If an ID card has been damaged, it must be brought to the Concierge Desk and replaced for a fee of $5.

Orientation Program Fee
On the Road is an orientation program expected of all new students. Select On the Road trips include nominal fees that are noted at the time of trip registration. When requesting to participate in On the Road trips with fees, students agree to incur that the trip’s fee will be billed to their student account by Student Involvement and Leadership.

Private Music Lesson Fees
These fees are charged in addition to tuition.

Credit Hours Fees
1 semester hour $210
2 or more semester hours $420

Parking and Vehicle Registration Fees
Parking on the PLU campus is by decal only. Students must register their vehicles within 48 hours of the vehicle being brought to campus. Registration decal rates are published at Failure to register will result in a fine.

Alternative Transportation Subsidy
PLU encourages students and with benefits faculty/staff to use alternative transportation by subsidizing the cost of a transit pass and by providing carpool and bicycle parking. PLU pays $49 a month per eligible commuter towards the purchase of a transit pass. A description of the transit benefit program and application are online at

Apply for a carpool parking pass by registering your carpool at Campus Safety. For more information on using alternative transportation, see

Unpaid Fine
Unpaid fines such as those for parking violations, overdue library materials, etc., will be charged to the student account. Students must pay these fines as incurred to avoid interest charges and financial holds.

Special Course Fees
Check online at under Current Students, Academics, Calendar & Schedules, Interactive Schedule ( to view additional course fees.


The National Student Clearinghouse is now the online web management agent for ordering PLU official transcripts by bank cards only. The National Student Clearinghouse offers a fast, simple and secure way to order your official transcripts. Processing directions, payments, and consent forms are posted on their Web site (listed above). It operates in full compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which supports students’ privacy rights in their education records.

A fee of $5.00 plus a Student Clearinghouse processing fee is charged for each official transcript. The Clearinghouse does not accept money orders or checks.

If an account is on any type of hold, requests for official transcripts will not be processed. It is the student’s responsibility to resolve the hold and they must resubmit the request. You can also come into the Student Services Center to request an official transcript. Transcript fees cannot be charged to a student’s account. Payment can be made to the business Office by regular check, money order, cashier’s check, by mail or in person. Cash will also be accepted as an in-person transaction only. Credit cards will no longer be accepted in the business Office for official transcripts.


Room and Meals
All single full-time (12 semester hours) undergraduate students must live on campus in university housing unless they are: (a) living with their parent or child within 30 miles of PLU’s address, or (b) at least 20 years old or have completed 60 semester credit hours by September 1 (for the next fall semester), or February 1 (for the next spring semester).

Except for residents of South Hall, all students with an active housing assignment are required to be enrolled in a university meal plan during the academic year.

Students are not required to reside in University housing accommodations during summer sessions. Summer room pricing is available at

The 2012-13 housing rates are shown below and available on the Residential Life Web site:

Housing Rates

Although there is no J-Term charge for students residing on campus for Fall or Spring semesters, students must cancel their J-Term housing if they are residing on campus for less than seven days during J-Term. Students with an active housing contract for J-Term must have a meal plan. For J-Term room costs only, contact the Residential Life Office.

South Hall is an alternative residential option with various apartment sizes, styles and costs. Contact the Residential Life Office for information and applications.

Limited housing is available on a daily fee basis during Winter break. Students may remain in their rooms during Spring break. Applications for single rooms and other special housing requests should be addressed to the Residential Life Office at 253.535.7200 or emailed to

Residential Halls

Living Off Campus

Residential Life Policies

Meal Plans

With the exception of Kreidler and South Hall residents, students living on campus must enroll in one of the following four plans: The Mega, The Lute Choice, The Light or the Mini. Kriedler Hall residents must enroll in one of the four plans or The Kreidler plan. South Hall residents are not required to purchase a meal plan, but are encouraged to purchase a meal plan tailored to their needs.

Each of the four main meal plans combines seven all-you- care-to-eat meals per week with varying amounts of declining balance dollars. Explanations about the individual meal plans can be found on the Dining & Culinary Services Web site at:

Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 Meal Plan Options


Rights and Responsibilities

Upon admission to or registration with the university, the student and/or his or her parent(s) or legal guardian, agrees to accept responsibility and the legal obligation to pay all tuition costs, room and meal fees, and any other fees incurred or to be incurred for the student’s education. In addition, the student and/or his or her parent(s) or legal guardian is required to complete and submit a Payment Contract to the university each academic year. The university agrees to make available to the student certain educational programs and the use of certain university facilities, as applicable and as described in this catalog. A failure to pay when due all university bills shall release the university of any obligation to continue to provide applicable educational benefits and services, including, but not limited to, the right for further registration, statements of honorable dismissal, grade reports, transcripts or diplomas. The student shall also be denied admittance to classes and the use of university facilities in the event of default.

Payment Information

Students may choose to make student account payments in the following ways:

Billing Questions

Questions regarding the student bill should be directed to the Student Services Center. The university must be contacted in writing within 60 days of the statement date of the first bill on which the error appeared. After 60 days it is presumed that there were no errors and the billing was correct.

Lute Discount

A $75 discount, per semester (fall and spring), from tuition and other costs will be applied to the student account if the specific criteria for eligibility of the discount is met and a Lute Discount Form is submitted. The Lute Discount Form is mailed with the Fall Student Pre-Bill Statement in July and the Spring Student Pre-Bill Statement in December.

Graduation and Your Student Account

All students who have applied for graduate must have their student account paid in full before they can be cleared for graduation. Students with an owing balance are required to contact the Student Services Center for assistance.

Payment Options

  • Payment in Full: Must be made by the 25th of the month preceding each term (Fall, J-Term and Spring) or by the first day of each summer term.
  • Financial Aid and Other Resources Cover Costs: Student grants, scholarships, loans and other resources listed on the Offer of Financial Aid exceed total university charges for the academic year.

Monthly Payment

  • Interest-free monthly payments made to Tuition Management Systems (TMS), our third-party administrator
  • Enrollment fee for the eight or ten month annual plan is $60
  • Enrollment fee for the four or five month semester plan is $42.

The university has the right to cancel a TMS payment plan after a monthly payment is missed. A 1.5 percent monthly interest charge or a minimum of $2.00 will be assessed by the university on the canceled plan amount and payment plan hold may be placed on the student account.

The university also has the right to prohibit the student from further participation in the monthly payment plan for any other academic year the student is enrolled. The student would then be limited to either Option 1: Payment in Full or Option 2: Financial Aid and Other Resources Covers Costs to pay for future semesters.

Missed Payments

  • Past due balances are subject to a 1.5 percent monthly interest charge or a minimum of $2.00.
  • Failure to make payment as agreed upon in the payment contract will result in a financial hold being placed on the student account.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to see that all financial aid accepted on the Offer of Financial Aid is credited to their student account. Financial aid includes but is not limited to loan applications, verification forms, entrance counseling, etc. All financial aid and other resources must be applied to your student account by September 30, 2011 for fall and February 28, 2012 for spring.
  • Student accounts that are 60 days delinquent may be referred to a third-party collection agency.
  • Students currently enrolled who have been sent to a collection agency will be withdrawn from the university effective immediately. Students will receive a W grade on their transcripts.
  • All collection costs, attorney fees, and interest incurred and allowable under federal and Washington state statutes and laws will be charged to the student by the collection agency and are the responsibility of the student to pay.
  • A student account that has been sent to collections will have a permanent Collection Hold, even after the account is paid in full. If the student wishes to return to the University, he/ she must pay in full all of their estimated charges prior to registration. Clearance to return to the University is issued by the Accounts Receivable Department.

Advance Payment

A $200 advance payment is required of new undergraduate students to confirm their offer of admission. The payment is refundable until May 1 for fall, December 1 for the January term, and January 1 for spring. Requests for a refund must be made in writing to the Admission Office.

Returning students wanting to reserve a room for the following year must sign a Master Housing & Meal Agreement. Cancellations must be submitted in writing to the Residential Life Office. Traditional hall housing cancellations received before June 1 will not be subject to a penalty. Cancellations received between June 1 and June 30 will be subject to a $200 penalty charge. Cancellations received after July 1 will be subject to a $400 penalty charge.

Credit Balances

If a credit balance occurs on a student account, the university calculates and issues refunds according to pertinent federal, state, banking and university regulations. Title IV, HEA program funds are refunded according to the Code of Federal Regulations 34 CFR Ch. VI Section 668.164. Bankcard payments are refunded, to the extent of the original payment(s), back to the bank card that made the original payment(s). Checks are issued for all other refunds. Refund requests are processed by the Student Services Center.

Student Holds

There are 27 types of holds that are placed on student accounts and records for different circumstances. Each hold prevents basic University privileges, such as, but not limited to the right to register, add/drop classes, cash checks or receive copies of unofficial/official transcripts or a diploma. Listed below are the types of holds that are placed on accounts and the offices to contact regarding them.

Code Type of Hold Responsible Office
AD Admission Admission
AH Academic Registrar
AS Academic Academic Advising
CB Credit Balance Accounts Receivable
CH Collection Accounts Receivable
CP Collection Paid Accounts Receivable
CW Collection Write Off Accounts Receivable
ED Education/Movement Studies Education and Movement Studies, School of
EH Exit Interview Student Loans
FD FERPA Dependent Student Life
FH Financial Student Services Center or Accounts Receivable
IH International Admission
JR Junior Review Registrar
MH Medical Health Service
MP Monthly Payment Hold Accounts Receivable
NA No Address Student Services Center
NS NSF Check Hold Accounts Receivable
OP Out of School Promissory Note Accounts Receivable
PC Pre-collection Accounts Receivable
PG Parent/Legal Guardian Student Services Center
PL Collection Perkins Loan Accounts Receivable
PN Restricted from Campus Campus Safety
PR Academic Probation Academic Advising
RH Residential Life Residential Life
SA Study Away Wang Center
SH Student Life Hold Student Life
TR Transcript Registrar
VA Veteran’s Student Services Center
WO Write-Off Accounts Receivable

For description on holds not listed, you may contact the Student Services Center for assistance.

Academic Hold

The Registrar’s Office can place an account on academic hold. Registration for classes is precluded until any pending matter with the office is settled.

Collection Hold

The collections holds will permanently remain on a student account. Any student wishing to return to the university must pay in full all of their estimated charges prior to registration. Clearance to return to the university is issued by the Accounts Receivable Department.

Credit Balance Hold

Any student with a credit balance on their student account who is not registered for a future term or is listed as a graduating senior will be placed on a Credit Balance Hold. The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 63.29 Uniform Unclaimed Property Act requires the university to forward all unclaimed student account balances to the Washington State Department of Revenue unless the student requests a refund or donates their credit balance to the university.

Financial Hold

If a student account is past due, a financial hold will be placed.

Medical Hold

A medical hold prevents a student from registering if Health Center has not received the Medical History Form or if the student does not have the necessary immunizations.

No Address Hold

All students are required to keep a current permanent address with the university. If mail becomes undeliverable, an address hold will be placed.

Non-Sufficient Funds Hold

Any student who has written two non-sufficient funds checks or has had checks returned for other reasons will be permanently placed on a Non-Sufficient Funds Hold. Any student with this hold is prohibited from writing checks to any University department.

Payment Option Hold

All students are required to sign a payment contract and select a payment option for each academic year they attend. The Payment Contract form may be obtained through the Student Services Center.

Pre-Collection Hold

Any student with a delinquent student account balance who is not registered for a future term will be placed on a Pre- Collection Hold and assessed a $25.00 pre-collection fee.

To view the definitions of student holds, go to the Student Services Web Site


Withdrawal From a Single Course

Tuition and fees will not be refunded for single course withdrawals occurring after the last day to add/drop without fee for a semester/term. These dates are listed in the Class Information Trifold for each semester/term. If the student does not wish to continue a course after the add/drop period, the student must withdraw from the course. The student must obtain the instructor’s signature on an Add/Drop/Withdraw Form and submit it to the Student Services Center. A $100.00 late registration fee is charged for each transaction after the last day to add/drop.

Official Full Withdrawal

Notice of withdrawal from the University must be given in writing to the Student Services Center. Oral requests are not acceptable. Charges will remain on the student account until written notice is received.

Medical Withdrawal

Students may also petition to withdraw completely from the university for a term for medical reasons. The student must complete a Medical Withdrawal Petition, provide written evidence from a physician and a personal explanation to the Vice President for Student Life. This must be completed in a timely manner and in no case later than the last day of class in any given term. If granted, the grade of WM will appear on the student’s transcript. Physician clearance is required prior to re-enrollment. For more information contact Student Life, 105 Hauge Administration Building, 253.535.7191 or


Fall & Spring Tuition

  • 100 percent tuition refund prior to the first day of class.
  • Refunds prorated on a daily basis beginning the first day of class until 60 percent of the semester has elapsed.
  • Once 60 percent of the semester has elapsed, there are no tuition refunds.

Summer & J-Term Tuition

  • 100 percent refund up to the last day to add/drop without fee for term (dates listed in Class Information Trifold).
  • No refund after the last day to add/drop without fee for term (dates listed in Class Information Trifold).

Summer, Fall, J-Term & Spring Course Fees

  • 100 percent refund prior to the first day of class.
  • No refund beginning the first day of class.

Summer, Fall, J-Term & Spring Housing and Meal Plans

  • Housing refunds prorated on a daily basis.
  • Meal plan refunds prorated on a weekly basis.

Insurance Fee Refund Policy

  • PLU Student Health Insurance is not refundable with exception for the following:
  • Government financial aid policies are observed where applicable for fees funded by government financial aid resources.
  • Insurance fee is refundable, on a pro-rated basis, for compulsory military deployment.
  • The university may reverse the insurance fee, as it would reverse tuition and other fees for a student who has never attended (NA) a class and whose status is noted in the registrar’s office as NA.

Policies and Procedures Relating to the Return of Title IV and Institutional Financial Aid Funds if a Student Withdraws from the University

The university calculates and returns Title IV funds according to Federal Title IV policy 34CRF 668.22. The amount of Title IV funds (other than Federal Work Study) that must be returned to the Title IV programs is based solely on the length of time the student was enrolled before withdrawing. This policy is effective for complete or full withdrawal from a semester in which a student receives Title IV federal funds. If a student receives a tuition refund due to completely withdrawing from the university all PLU gift funding will be removed from the student’s account.

For Fall and Spring Semester only, if a student withdraws before 60 percent of the semester has elapsed, a percentage of Title IV funds will be returned to the federal program based on the length of time the student was enrolled before withdrawal. After 60 percent of the semester has elapsed, the student is considered to have used all aid received for the semester. The return of Title IV funds is dependent upon the date a student withdraws during the semester. Summer full withdraws are calculated using 60% of the student’s originally intended schedule to determine return of Title IV funding.

Withdrawal date is defined as one of the following:

  • The date the student began the withdrawal process; the date the student otherwise provided the school with official notification of the intent to withdraw; or
  • For the student who does not begin the university’s withdrawal process or notify the school of the intent to withdraw, the midpoint of the payment period or period of enrollment for which Title IV assistance was disbursed (unless the university can document a later date); If attendance is taken, the withdrawal date is determined from the attendance records.

The university will:

  • Determine date of withdrawal
  • Calculate the percentage of aid deemed to have been used by the student
  • Calculate the percentage of aid not used by the student, which must be returned to federal programs.

Order of Return of Title IV Funds

If the withdrawal date results in a percentage of Title IV aid not utilized by the student, then return of Title IV aid will occur in the following order:

  • Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans
  • Subsidized Federal Stafford Loans
  • Unsubsidized Direct Stafford Loans (other than PLUS loans).
  • Subsidized Direct Stafford loans.
  • Federal Perkins Loans
  • Federal Parent PLUS Loans
  • Federal Direct PLUS Loans
  • Federal Pell Grants
  • Academic Competitiveness Grant
  • National SMART Grant
  • Federal SEOG Grants
  • TEACH Grant
  • Iraq Afghanistan Service Grant for which a return is required.
  • Other assistance under this Title for which a return of funds is required

Procedures for Obtaining a Refund Upon Full Withdrawal from the University

  • Student requests withdrawal approval from the Registrar’s Office via the Student Services Center, using a withdrawal form.
  • Financial Aid processes the student withdrawal request according to the Federal Title IV policy 34CFR 668.22. Aid will be revised according to published federal policy.
  • The Registrar’s Office makes a tuition adjustment, if applicable, to the student account for the percentage of tuition allowed to be refunded for that time period during the term (as determined by the Registrar’s Office and the University Tuition and Course Fees Refund Policy).
  • Examples of the Return of Title IV Funds if a student withdraws are available in the Financial Aid Office.

Note: Please be aware that a tuition refund due to withdrawal from the university can adversely affect what is owed to the university by the student. A tuition adjustment is applied to the student account, but aid is also adjusted, sometimes creating a larger owing balance. Students should check with the Financial Aid Office to determine the effect a withdrawal will have on their student account.