On Campus Living is more affordable than ever!

National research and PLU specific data show strong connections between living on campus and academic success. We know how important living on campus is to grades and graduation rates.

One exciting change is the addition of inclusive laundry to our housing rates. Laundry use on campus will not require any additional charges!

For additional savings, check out our Upper Division Single (UDS) rates. The UDS rate give a per semester discount for students who are assigned to a single room and are 20+ years of age or have at least 60 credits (Junior Status) by the start of the semester.

Housing Rates

Traditional Housing (per student, per semester)
Fall Semester Double Room$2,740.00$2,665.00
Spring Semester Double Room$2,740.00$2,665.00
Single Rates (per student, per semester)
Design Single$3,425.00$3,330.00
Upper Division Single$3,290.00$3,200.00
South Hall Rates (per student, per semester regardless of apartment size)
Studio A$3,579.00$3,475.00
Studio B$3,657.00$3,550.00
Studio C$3,785.00$3,675.00
1 Bedroom Loft$3,914.00$3,800.00
2 Bedroom Townhouse$3,517.00$3,415.00
2 Bedroom Apartment$3466.00$3,365.00
4 Bedroom Apartment$3,492.00$3,390.00
5 Bedroom Townhouse$3,492.00$3,390.00

Cancellation Timeline & Penalties

Fall Housing Deadlines**
Traditional Hall11:59pm May 31st$200 Penalty
Traditional Hall11:59 pm June 30th$400 Penalty
South Hall11:59 pm March 31stPenalty fees vary. Please see the South Hall Housing Guide.
Spring Housing Deadlines**
Traditional Hall 11:59pm November 30th$200 Penalty
Traditional Hall 11:59pm December 31st$400 Penalty
South Hall11:59pm November 30thPenalty fees vary. Please see the South Hall Housing Guide.

**A cancellation received on November 30 at 11:59 pm = No penalty. A cancellation received December 1 at 12:01 am = Cancellation penalty applies. This example is applicable to all published deadlines.