From Arriving to Thriving: Supporting Lutes in Every Season

Our goal is to help students THRIVE (i.e., support students’ Transition, Holistic-wellbeing, Retention, Innovation, Vocation, Engagement).

Transition, Holistic-wellbeing, Retention, Innovation, Vocation, Engagement (& sticker designs in rose window)

THRIVE Network

Includes representatives from: Athletics, Campus Life, Center for Gender Equity, Diversity Center, Campus Ministry, Hospitality Services & Campus Restaurants, Counseling/Health Centers, Campus Safety, Dean of Students Office, Center for Student Success, Wang Center, Alumni and Student Connections, Advancement, Admission, Center for Wild Hope, International Student Services.

The THRIVE Network supports students as they flow through various seasons in the semester. The THRIVE semester flow will be highlighted in the biweekly Student Life E-Newsletters, which go to all students (no need to sign up). You’ll also see these themes woven throughout university programming and engagement. This webpage is a home to organize resources for student thriving all semester long! Continue to check back in as the content, links, and opportunities highlighted below will rotate with each semester season!

The THRIVE Network

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Rooting + Routine

Rooting + Routine (beginning of the semester) // Whether you’re returning to campus or arriving as a brand-new Lute, THRIVE will invite you to create goals, set down roots, and be intentional about setting yourself up for success—as you define it.

  • Put down roots in your WHY (why are you here at PLU, getting a degree, working here, living according to certain values, etc.).  
  • Find or reconnect with “your people.” Who are your academic and social supports? You are not alone!
  • Make a plan for the overall wellness of mind, body, and spirit.

Self Care during COVID

Want to know the latest news on COVID-19 and how it may impact you? PLU is keeping you informed and safe. Click the button for our FAQ webpage.
Also, for COVID updates from Restaurant Services,  click here .

Exercise at Home

Don’t let your physical self get stuck, Outdoor Rec has done the research for you. Click this link to go find several YouTube or articles on exercising at home that anyone can do alone or with your home partners.

Center for Student Success

Check out the CSS newsletter to learn about academic advising dates and helpful contact information, new and improved tutoring options for Spring Semester, and excellent opportunities for military affiliated students

Refresh & Rejuvenate - drinking coffee, stretching

Refresh + Rejuvenate

Refresh + Rejuvenate (middle of the semester) // Amid the long to-do lists from classes, job and graduate school applications, and work, it’s essential to rest, play, check in with ourselves, and reconnect with our hopes and goals. Mid-semester provides the opportunity to disrupt the burnout cycle and help you finish strong. 

  • Evaluate progress toward your goals. Are you meeting them? Are you using your resources? How can you refresh your priorities for the semester? 
  • Rejuvenation through rest, play, and refueling is key to caring for mind, body, and spirit. Interweaving these with your commitments can bring greater meaning and joy.


Make time to connect with community. Uplift our community value of care by creating a web of connections of Lutes checking in on Lutes.

Virtual dCenter!

Sit in a cozy chair with a coffee or tea and join The Virtual dCenter.  Hours are Monday – Friday 11:00 am-4:00pm.

Let's Get Creative!

Interested in crafts or new takes on exercise? Join Lutes online for fun creativity projects: paper projects, crochet, hula, & more!

"Reflect and Rejoice" Image for THRIVE Network

Reflect + Rejoice

Reflect + Rejoice (end of the semester) // The end of a semester often represents an overlapping of occupations, from focusing on finals and finishing the semester to looking ahead to next opportunities and preparing for crucial transitions. The end of the semester also provides another opportunity to check in with yourself and reflect mindfully on the past few months. It’s important to do this intentionally, and reaffirm for yourself what the semester has meant to you. 

  • Reflect on the goals you established at the beginning of the semester. Which ones will you carry into the next chapter? 
  • Rejoice in wins, big and small, whether achieved individually or in community.
  • Endings are an opportunity to reconnect with “your people” in celebration before you move on to the next periods rest + renewal (break) AND root + routine (new semester).

Spiritual Engagement

Univ Cong: 5pm (Sun)
Chapel: 10:30-11am (M/W/F)
M: WORD; W: speakers; F: interfaith

Celebrate Community

Recognize peers and celebrate PLU leaders by nominating them for end of year awards!


As you prepare to close one chapter and open the next, keep up to date with Commencement 2021 plans!

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