DJS Coalition Series

Diversity, Justice, & Sustainability (DJS) engages the interdependency of ourselves, our communities, and our environments and thus a desire to create systems and build relationships where all can thrive. 

With this in mind, the DJS Coalition offers opportunities for students to reflect and engage DJS as a framework and core value of living and leading in diverse communities.  Learning about and practicing DJS happens in various spaces.  Paired with intentional opportunities for individual and community reflection, we are able to make meaning of and draw connections between experiences and invite space for the development of solutions, partnerships, and ways of engaging that prioritizes the interconnectedness of DJS.

The DJS Coalition encourages students to engage in DJS experiences inside and outside of the classroom and participate in a guided reflection process designed to deepen our understanding of DJS.  The DJS Coalition is open to ALL PLU students, and welcomes people at all stages of learning.  Students are invited to participate in the DJS Coalition for any or all of their years at PLU.  Those who participate will be celebrated at the end of each year and in a special ceremony upon graduation.  

  1. Learning – Being an advocate for DJS includes a commitment to continuous learning.  The DJS Coalition Series highlights interactive and experiential learning opportunities that aim to deepen our understanding of DJS.  Recognizing that learning happens in various places, the program also honors the engagement PLU students are already participating in through work, internships, community service, and leadership experiences.
  2. Community – Building relationships is key to living and leading in diverse communities. The DJS Coalition Series will facilitate community building and networking opportunities that cultivate intentional relationships that both affirm and challenge us to be our best selves.
  3. Future – Employers are prioritizing individuals who have experience with and operate from a lens of diversity & inclusion, sustainability, and equity.  The DJS Coalition Series will provide opportunities for practicing DJS skills that will be valuable in your community and workplaces.  Additionally,  the DJS Coalition Series can be listed on your resume and used as an experience to highlight in interviews.

Students who would like to be recognized as a DJS Coalition member will:

  1. Participate in a minimum of 4 different DJS learning experiences per year.  These can include attending lectures, classes, leadership or service opportunities, workshops. 


2. Submit a DJS Coalition Series reflection for each learning experience that describes how it deepened your understanding of DJS. 


3. Attend 1 DJS Coalition Reflection meeting.


Graduating students who are active with the DJS Coalition Series AND attend the Senior DJS Coalition Workshop will be recognized in a special ceremony at the Spirit of Diversity Awards for their commitment to DJS.

A “DJS Learning Experience” that can be counted towards the DJS Coalition Series includes:

  • Attending a program listed on the DJS Coalition website.  These programs commit to meeting 2+ outcomes of the DJS Coalition Series.
  • Any experience that you feel has made an impact on your understanding of DJS.  We want to honor that learning about and practicing DJS happens in various spaces.  Experiences might include your on campus job, internship, mentorship relationship, participation in an affinity space (like Sista Circle), community service.

We would LOVE to list your program as part of the DJS Coalition Series!

DJS Coalition Series event meet at least 2 of the following outcomes:

Students who participate in the DJS Coalition Series will engage in:

  • Critically self-reflecting on their identity and their interconnections between themselves and others 
  • Examining the relationships between human-ecological systems 
  • Practicing skills (ex: dialogue, listening, critical questioning, wellbeing strategies) for living and leading in community
  • Building an active DJS-centered community

Please email for more information about how to list your program.

Upcoming DJS Coalition Series Events

Here are some campus events that we encourage DJS Coalition members to attend: