DJS Coalition Series

Advocating DJS, Engaging Active Leaders

Diversity-Justice-Sustainability engages the interdependency of ourselves, our communities, and our environments and thus a desire to create systems and build relationships where all can thrive. With this in mind, the DJS Coalition Series offers opportunities for students to learn, practice, and engage DJS as a framework and core value of leading and living in diverse communities.  Students who attend a DJS Coalition dialogue, workshop, or community event will:

  • Engage critical curiosity through reflection on personal identities, structures, and systems  
  • Practice strategies for community centered leadership 
  • Build a network of DJS minded community members 

The DJS Series is hosted by the Centers and funded through the DJS Fee 

DJS Coalition Series Reflection Form

Upcoming DJS Coalition Series Events


October: Who do we want to be to each other? Safety and community
November: Rethinking General Education with Students at the Center
December: Celebration of Light
January – JTerm Book Group
March: Joy and Grief, Wang Center Symposium
April: Earth & Diversity Week, Sounds of Solidarity
May: Spirit of Diversity Awards