Earth & Diversity Week 2024

Exploring the Cycle of Relationships

April 17th – April 26th

Being in relationship is work.  To build and maintain strong relationships it requires intentionality, trust, and reciprocity to name a few.  Like many cycles, the elements of relationships also ebb and flow to shift to the changing context.  For the 2024 Earth & Diversity Week, as a community we will be exploring questions that allow us to critically consider what it means to build relationships where all can thrive.  We are proud to offer an awesome schedule of events for our campus community to future explore these topics.

Attend programs from 3/5 of the E&D Week themes and receive a coffee credit! 

Turn your E&D Week Punch Card into the DJS Lounge (with your name and email on the back) and we will add $6 LuteBucks towards your account.  The various themes invite you to connect in various ways with the 2024 Earth & Diversity Week theme: Exploring the Cycle of Relationships:

COMMUNITY BUILDING – Building relationships through dialogue

REUSE – Building practice of reuse

JOY – Celebrating our relationships

MOVEMENTS – Advocating for ourselves, others, and the environment 

STORIES – Centering listening as a relationship practice 

Earth & Diversity Week Schedule

This year we are glad to include the Schnackenberg Memorial Lecture as part of Earth & Diversity Week! Drawing from the tribal nation’s historical and contemporary relationship with the sea, this talk will focus on Makah statements and actions from the eighteenth century onward that illustrate how they have made and continue to maintain the surrounding marine waters as their own.

7pm Schnackenberg Memorial Lecture, Xavier 201

All are invited to join Pride Door Decor Making with Tinglestad.  Celebrate diverse identities by making some fun pride flag door decorations of all shapes and colors. All identities are welcome. Allies are encouraged to attend too to show support for LGBTQ+ friends, family, and peers.  Also, Lawa Kūpono ‘Oe – You are Enough, will be launching its west coast tour engaging the Pacific Islander diaspora at PLU.  PI participants will reflect on how culture is perpetuated in the diaspora and the relationship between culture, place, and people.

5:30pm Lawa Kūpono ‘Oe: Day 1 – Film screening & Panel, RSVP Requested, AUC CK

6:00pm – 8:00pm Pride Door Decor Making, Tingelstad Hall 6th Floor Lounge

Lawa Kūpono `Oe will continue the conversation in day 2 for Pacific Islanders at PLU to connect and talk about what it means to be PI at PLU.

4:00pm Lawa Kūpono `Oe Day 2: PLU Pacific Islander Community Connection

Volunteer at the Community Garden Work Party and explore the cycle of food production from seed to harvest to donation.

11:00am Community Garden Work Party, PLU Community Garden

The Steen Family Symposium for Environmental Issues serves as the keynote of Earth & Diversity Week. Throughout the day, participants are able to participate in various opportunities to explore the concepts of collaboration, trust, and stewardship.  This begins discussions exploring trust at DJS Lounge Check In hosted by the DJS Assistants and WSR. As the day progresses, the theme of interconnectedness deepens with discussions on the intersection of human health and environmental well-being at Radical Relationships. A shared meal further strengthens bonds, highlighting the communal aspect of relationships during the Community Salmon Dinner. Finally, the keynote panel underscores the importance of collaboration and stewardship in fostering trust and unity within communities. Each event serves as a node in the cycle of relationships, nurturing connections, and reinforcing the idea that trust and collaboration are vital elements in sustaining healthy and resilient communities.

1:45pm DJS Lounge Check In: Exploring Trust, DJS Lounge (AUC 140)

4:00pm Radical Relationships: How the health of our people & environment intersect, DJS Lounge (AUC 140)

5:00pm Community Salmon Dinner, The Commons

7:00pm Keynote Panel: Collaboration, Trust, and Stewardship After the Boldt Decision, Scandinavian Cultural Center

If you missed Monday DJS Check Ins and reflecting on trust, you should join today!  Later on, students from RELI 365 – Climate Injustice offer an opportunity to Create Postcards with Recycled Materials and engage in discourse about our role in caring for earth, particularly when it comes to the waste we create.  This event will explore our relationship to the earth and how choosing to consciously engage in our waste and recycling practices helps to promote a symbiotic relationship between humans and the earth, where we recognize the ways in which the earth gives to us and in turn find ways to practice kindness and gentleness towards the earth. 

Noon DJS Lounge Check In: Exploring Trust, DJS Lounge (AUC 140)

1:45pm DJS Lounge Check In: Exploring Trust, DJS Lounge (AUC 140)

4pm – 6pm Recycling Redesigned: DIY Cards, AUC 2nd Floor Grey Area

Chapel this week will be hosted by the students in RELI 365 Climate Justice and explore the relationship between people and the Earth and between people from today and people of the past, specifically on how we can learn from one another to strive for a future where we all get what we need and thrive together. Then join us for Popcorn +Plant to grab some snacks as we dive into a film that explores our relationship with the planet, shedding light on the effects of capitalism on Earth’s ecosystems and diversityRound out the evening at Sounds of Solidarity in the evening where those who have participated as storytellers and their guests are invited to listen to PLU students who have prepared pieces to share in their reflections on the interconnected relationship between diversity, justice, and sustainability and how these values are experienced in our contexts today.

10:30am Climate Justice Chapel, Ness Family Chapel 

2:00pm-3:30pm Popcorn + Planet, DJS Lounge (AUC 140)

7:00pm Sounds of Solidarity, The CAVE (open to storytellers & their guests)

Thursday is the first day of the Clothing Swap! The aim of this annual Clothing Swap is to encourage students to pause and think about the cycles of consumption that they engage in and how we can make more sustainable decisions. The annual Clothing Swap fosters an environment where we can exchange clothes within our community and prevent perfectly good clothing items from entering the landfill.   Also join NAIS 112 Interconnections Open Classroom discussion as they explore the question “Who do you stand for? ” and DIY Tote Bag out of old clothing while utilizing an intersectional lens to question the impact consumption has on oppressed communities.

10am – 6pm Clothing Swap, AUC 1st Floor Grey Area

3:40 – 5:20 NAIS 112 – Interconnections Open Classroom, AUC CK

5:00pm – 7:30pm Recycling Redesigned: DIY Tote Bags, DJS Lounge (AUC 140)

We will be continuing our mission to encourage students to think about consumption and how they can make sustainable decisions with our second and final day of the Clothing swap. We will be joined by Campus ministries for a Gathering Table interfaith dialogue about the unexpected ways spirituality connects with climate change.  Last, we close with Ritmo Latino, the E&D Week dance hosted by Latinx Unidos! The Hispanic and Latinx diaspora is full of a rich and hidden history that is spoken and brought to life through music. Relationships of all kinds are danced to in the various nationalities and cultures. Whether its the historical relationships of migration and displacement, the familial bonds found within parents and their children, and even the ups and downs of healthy and toxic romantic relationships: there is something for everyone.

10am – 2pm Clothing Swap, AUC 1st Floor Grey Area

2:00pm- 3:15pm Gathering Table: The unexpected ways spirituality connects with climate change

7:00pm – 10:30pm Ritmo Latino, Morken