A college degree is attainable for all.

What is CSF?

College Success Foundation supports underrepresented students from low socioeconomic backgrounds to prepare for and graduate from college as transformational leaders in order to forge a just and equitable society. Our scholars include young people from low-income families, students of color, foster youth and first-generation college students. By offering services in middle school, high school and college, CSF puts the possibility of higher education on the map for students from underprivileged backgrounds and encourages their success academically and beyond.

Why CSF at PLU?

CSF college success coaches support every college and university across Washington state. That means there is a college success coach at PLU supporting CSF students who either received pre-college services through CSF’s Rally for College initiative in one of our partner high schools, received a CSF scholarship, or enrolled in CSF’s college services because they attended a CSF partner high school.

How do I know if I’m eligible for CSF’s college services? 

Even if you did not receive pre-college services through Rally for College or earn a CSF scholarship, you can still enroll in college services if you attended a CSF partner high school! Click here for a list of these high schools. 

By enrolling in college services, you gain access to FREE one-on-one coaching with PLU’s CSF college success coach. Your coach is trained to advise you in the following seven life domains: 

  • Finance and employment 
  • Housing 
  • Mental and physical health 
  • Supportive relationships 
  • Cultural and personal identity 
  • Life skills 
  • Education

From being a compassionate listener, to directing you toward financial or educational resources, your CSF coach is here to support you throughout every step of your college journey. Learn more about college services here.

Who is the CSF coach at PLU?

In June 2023, Kalina Cordero joined as PLU’s College Success Coach. Click here to view her biography and schedule a meeting!

Did you go to a CSF partner high school, but didn't use pre-college services or have a CSF scholarship?

Follow this link to enroll in college services and begin your journey with your CSF college success coach at PLU today!