2024-2025 DJS Clubs

DJS Clubs believe in and work to promote equity between individuals and across the institution. This coalition of DJS Clubs will work from an intentional and intersectional framework that centers marginalized identities and raises awareness of injustice at PLU through an anti-oppression framework.

Asian Pacific Islander Student Association (APISA)

The Asian Pacific Islander Student Association (APISA) aims to promote Asian Pacific Islander cultures and support within the PLU community and to educate ourselves and our peers so we can obtain unity through diversity and create a warm and welcoming environment for all students of Pacific Lutheran University.

Email: api@plu.edu      IG Page: pluapisa

Samantha Atienza '24

Interim President for Fall 2024

Seane Sonza '26

Vice President

Meela Brandenburg '25


Birders at PLU


Birders of PLU is a DJS Club that focuses on birdwatching, but also on the importance of educating others on the spaces in which we birdwatch to keep it safe and clean, as birdwatching goes both ways. We also aim to get more students out birdwatching, and break down presupposed stereotypes or barriers that center around birdwatching.

Email: birdersofplu@plu.edu
IG Page: birders_of_plu

Peter Binstock '26



GREAN, or Grass Roots Environmental Action Now, is a club that promotes environmental awareness and action on campus and throughout the community to combat threats to our ecosystem and surrounding environment.

The group itself has helped organize campaigns such as Take Back the Tap, as well as the Smart Paper Campaign, an initiative to change the paper policy on campus to using post consumer recycled paper. Additionally, the club has been involved in many on-the-ground activities such as invasive species removals, and environmental activism events.

Marz Chabot '26


Joshua Davis '26


Native Indigenous Student Association

Our club offers a community on campus that prioritizes belonging for Indigenous students. We educate ourselves and our community on global indigenous cultures as a form of celebration and activism. We work towards providing a space to celebrate culture, heritage, and traditions with one another.

Email: nisa@plu.edu
IG Page: plunisa

Social Work Student Organization

The Social Work Student Organization seeks to create links and support systems between students in the Social Work program, especially between cohorts. The organization is looking to create more opportunities to bring more students into the program and educate students on the social work profession. The Social Work Student Organization engages in service, advocacy, diversity, and inclusion efforts.

Email: socialworkorg@plu.edu
IG Page: plusocworg

Ally Redford '25


Zoniece Grose '25


Chantel Hayes '24

Alumni Mentor