Get engaged, explore your passions, and leave a LUTE legacy

Student Engagement is committed to providing leadership opportunities that create spaces for students to gain experience through hands on learning and navigate creating solutions.

Professional staff and campus partners collaborate to mentor students. The Student Engagement team structure and initiatives provide opportunities for students to develop interpersonal skills ranging from customer service to diversity and equity training to event administration and facilitation.

New Student Orientation guides

LUTE Welcome Orientation Guides – Applications Open in March

New Student Orientation is made up of about 30-50 diverse and enthusiastic LUTE Welcome Week Orientation Guides. Guides learn skills in leadership, collaboration, event planning, and team building, while being trained to facilitate diverse and inclusive communities. Guides participate in fall training and represent LUTE hospitality at its best as they welcome new students to campus fall semester and continue to mentor students throughout their first year. This position serves as an opportunity to learn the foundations of leadership and peer-to-peer mentorship.

Engage Ambassador Team – Applications Open in April

Ambassadors are key student advocates and the voice of Student Engagement for the approximately 3,000 Pacific Lutheran University students. Engage Team Ambassadors build strategies throughout the academic year that enhance academic, vocation, and awareness, throughout students’ educational journey and connect students to campus clubs and organizations. Ambassadors assist, in partnership with campus partners, to link and train about resources related to leadership development, including cultural competency & inclusion, identity & self-awareness, professionalism, service, academic/career skills, and project/event planning.

ASPLU Directors – Hired in May

Directors projects align with PLU’s mission and focus on civic engagement, DJS, finance, public relations, and student support. Projects include hosting events on campus and collaborating with groups on campus that embody student values. ASPLU holds meetings every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm in AUC 133. PLU students, faculty, staff are welcome to attend our meetings and make public comments.

LUTEs on Campus Committees

ASPLU is seeking leaders to represent student voices in some of our university committees. Faculty and university committees play an extremely important role on campus and student participation on these committees are essential. Each committee is tasked with specific responsibilities, which range from managing the university’s budget to meeting student campus dining needs to promoting an inclusive campus culture and many more.  Interested in serving on a university committee? Email for more information.

Student Engagement leaders are passionate about:

– creating connections between students, faculty, and staff

– providing an introduction to academic and personal resources

– fostering awareness and equity

– promoting relationships with the campus and community