Sabbatical Faculty

First Last Terms Department
Callista Brown 2012-13 English
Thomas Campbell 2012-13 English
Marianne G. Chavez-Pringle 2012-13 Political Science
Spencer Ebbinga Spring 2013 Art & Design
Antonios Finitsis 2012-13 Religion
Bogomil Gerganov 2012-13 Physics
Susan Harmon 2012-13 Business
George Hauser 2012-13 Computer Science and Computer Engineering
Michael Hillis J-Term/Spring 2013 Instructional Development and Leadership
Gregory Johnson 2012-13 Philosophy
Zachery Lyman 2012-13 Music
Kevin O’Brien 2012-13 Religion
Carmina Palerm Spring 2013 Hispanic Studies
Norris Peterson 2012-13 Economics
Neal Sobania 2012-13 History
Samuel Torvend 2012-13 Religion
Dean Waldow 2012-13 Chemistry
David Ward Summer/Fall 2012 Marriage and Family Therapy
Robert Wells 2012-13 Communication and Theatre