Master of Fine Arts (Creative Writing)


44 semester hours

M.F.A. Summer Residency
An intensive ten-day residency during which students attend workshops, lectures, mini-courses in writing and design an independent course of study with a mentor for the upcoming year. Faculty will include distinguished writers, editors and literary agents. (4 credits per residency, 16 semester hours required for graduation)

M.F.A. Writing Mentorship
One-on-one correspondence with a professional mentor in a genre or genres of choice. Each student spends approximately 15 hours per week on creative and critical writing. At the completion of the program, the students will produce a critical paper plus a book-length thesis. First year – 8 mailings. Second year – 5 mailings plus field experience. Third year – 6 mailings, critical paper, plus thesis. (4 to 12 semester hours per year, total of 28 semester hours required for graduation)

Field Experience
An outside experience to introduce students to varied aspects of the writing life, to ongoing opportunities for community service and professional development, to voices and approaches other than those of our faculty, to an independent writing life. May include residencies at arts colonies and summer workshops, study abroad, community service projects, teaching or appropriate internships. (100 hours. Required for graduation)

Graduation Residency
Special pre-graduation session leading to awarding of degree. Four semester hours. Required.

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