Phased Retirement Faculty

First Last Terms Title/Education
Thad Barnowe Phased to 2013 Business
Roberta S. Brown Phased to 2014 French
Michele Crayton Phased to 2013 Biology
Celine Dorner Phased to 2013 Mathematics
Susan Dwyer-Shick Phased to 2015 Political Science
Kathleen Farner Phased to 2013 Music
Gregory Guldin Phased to 2014 Anthropology
Paula H. Leitz Phased to 2017 Instructional Development and Leadership
John Main Phased to 2013 Biology
Susan McDonald Phased to 2013 Library Information Services
N. Christian Meyer Phased to 2014 Mathematics
James Predmore Phased to 2014 Languages and Literature
Judith Ramaglia Phased to 2013 Business
Charles York Phased to 2013 Marriage and Family Therapy