Writing Requirement (WR)

ENGL 221Research and Writing - WR
ENGL 222Travel Writing - WR
ENGL 225Autobiographical Writing - WR
ENGL 227Introduction to Poetry and Fiction - WR
ENGL 323Writing in Professional and Public Settings - WR
ENGL 324Free-Lance Writing - WR
ENGL 325Personal Essay - WR
ENGL 326Writing for Children - WR
ENGL 327Intermediate Poetry Writing - WR
ENGL 328Theories of Reading and Writing - WR
ENGL 385Special Topics in Creative Nonfiction -WR
ENGL 421Tutorial in Writing - WR
ENGL 425Seminar: Nonfiction Writing - SR, WR
ENGL 427Seminar: Poetry Writing - SR, WR
ENGL 429Seminar: Fiction Writing - SR, WR
WRIT 101FYEP 101: Writing Seminar - FW, WR
WRIT 201Writing Seminars for International Students - WR
WRIT 202Advanced Writing Seminar for International Students - WR

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