Catalog 2012-2013

International Honors Program


International Honors Requirements
7 courses, 28 semester hours distributed as follows:

IHON 111, 112 (190): Origins of the Contemporary World
8 semester hours
Normally taken sequentially in the first year. These courses explore the historical roots and global dimensions of contemporary events, values and traditions.

IHON: Four 200-level courses
16 semester hours
Normally taken in the second and third year. A wide range of these courses are offered every semester, and often during J-Term.

IHON: One 300-level course
4 semester hours
Taken after or with the last 200-level course.

Policies and Guidelines for International Honors

The three levels of IHON courses are built sequentially upon one another in terms of content and learning objectives. In order to acquire a common background, IHON students take the required IHON 111, 112 (190) sequence in their first year, before taking their 200-level courses. Exceptions to this sequence can be made for transfer students, or for students who are accepted into the Honors Program during their first year at PLU.

With prior approval by the IHON chair, an appropriate semester-long course abroad may take the place of one 200-level IHON course. Such a course must focus on a contemporary issue, be international in scope, interdisciplinary, and require honors-level critical thinking and writing. One 301 modern language course intentionally designed to meet program objectives (Chinese, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish) may also replace one 200-level IHON course when the student completes supplementary IHON expectations. IHON students are allowed to count either an on-campus Language 301 course or a study away experience (semester long) for IHON credit. Students may not count both.

Multiple sections of IHON 111 are offered every Fall semester; and sections of IHON 112 (190) every Spring semester; varying IHON 200-level courses will be offered every semester and often in J-Term; IHON 300-level courses will be offered every semester. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the required seven courses in the IHON Program by the end of their junior year in order to focus on completion of majors and related research during their senior year.

IHON students cannot pass/fail an International Honors course.

GPA requirements

Students in the International Honors Program must maintain a cumulative overall GPA of 3.00. Names of students who fall below a 3.00 will be forwarded to the student’s IHON advisor. Students will have one semester to bring their GPA up to a 3.00. If the 3.00 GPA is not achieved, students will be disenrolled from the program. Procedures for assignment of general education credits will be in place for students who do not complete the Honors Program.