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Let’s Talk About: Gender

October 6 | 6:00 p.m. | Xavier 201
Panel discussion on how gender equity, identity and trans rights have been represented locally and nationally in election 2016. Confirmed panelists include Associate Professor of Religion Seth Dowland, Assistant Professor of English Jenny James, Assistant Professor of Chemistry Andrea Munro and Rainbow Center Crime Victim Advocate Vaan Melendez.
Sponsored by the Center for Gender Equity, Women’s and Gender Studies Program, Center for Community Engagement and Service, ASPLU, Lute Vote, and AAUW-WA.

Our Mission

The mission of PLU’s Center for Gender Equity is to empower all people to become advocates for gender equity and social justice. We accomplish this through education, mentoring, outreach, and celebration as well as by fostering a safe space and inclusive communities.

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Did You Know?

The Center for Gender Equity sponsored a three-day workshop with Gender Reconciliation International this fall! Over 30 Lutes participated in this transformative weekend exploring how our lives have been impacted by restrictive gender roles.

Gender Reconciliation International will be returning in Fall 2016!

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