Health Sciences

So, You Want to Become a Doctor?

At PLU, pre-professional advising and counseling is done by Health Sciences (HSC) in the Division of Natural Sciences. Each student interested in a career in the health sciences should request an advisor from the committee. Together the student and advisor plan course work, assess progress, and discuss general interests.

At the time of the application, all students who desire a committee recommendation letter make their requests known by submitting a biographical information form. The students then request letters of evaluation from others who know them well, to be sent directly to the committee. There are 2 forms (available under “Downloads”) that are provided for these purposes. Also, the applicant should request that transcripts from any colleges other than PLU be sent to the HSC.

Students will be contacted shortly (within a week after the biographical information form is submitted) confirming receipt of the request for a committee letter, and given access to an “application status” webpage where they can track the progress of the committee letter. (Note: Further questions about the status of the committee letter that are not answered by the letter status page should be directed to the HSC coordinator.)

One member of the HSC then prepares a draft recommendation, drawing on information provided by the student, letters of recommendation submitted on behalf of the student, and knowledge gained from personal interactions that HSC members may have had with the student. The draft is reviewed, discussed, revised, and finally approved by the group as the recommendation of the PLU Health Sciences.

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