See and Hear the PLU Orchestras

Audio Samples from the Standard Repertoire

Beach: “Gaelic” Symphony, Mvt. 1 (excerpt) – Live performance in May 2014

Beach: “Gaelic” Symphony, Mvt. 3 (excerpt) – Live performance in May 2014

Beach: “Gaelic” Symphony, Mvt. 4 (excerpt) – Live performance in May 2014

Haydn: Symphony No. 88, Mvt. 2 – Live performance in March 2014

Janacek: Andante from Suite for Strings – Live performance in October 2013, sans conductor

Sibelius Symphony No. 2, IV, Excerpts – Live May 2013 (PLUSO)

Beethoven Symphony No. 9, Finale, Excerpts – Live May 2013 (PLUSO, Choral Union, Choir of the West, Marlette Buchanan, LeeAnne Campos, Stephen Rumph and Barry Johnson)

Sibelius Romanze for Strings – Live April 2013 (KammerMusikeren)

Saint-Saens Organ Symphony (mvt 2 excerpt) – Live October 2011

Rossini/Britten Soirees musicales, Tirolese – Live performance in May 2011

Benda: Sinfonia VI, Mvt 1 – Live performance in January 2006, S Rønning, violin, with KammerMusikeren

Audio Samples from two recent World Premieres

Youtz: Drum Taps (excerpts) – Live performance in May 2012

Wade: Tango (excerpt) – Live performance in January 2010


Premiere of Gregory Youtz’s
Drum Taps

KammerMusikeren &
Early Music Ensemble

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