Fraudulent E-mails Offering Employment

Alert Type: Information

Start Time: Feb 4, 2019 @ 3:30pm

End Time: Undetermined

Status: OK

Campus Safety has been advised by multiple students that they have received emails purporting to offer employment through a department called Disability Resources and Educational Services. The subject line is “Job Opportunity for Students” These e-mails are fraudulent, they seek to obtain personal information through a false application process.

DO NOT open or respond to the e-mail. Typically the scam works when a student responds to the email.

To verify a PLU job opportunity, consider that any legitimate jobs offered by PLU for students will be posted on the Student Employment website.

Things to consider when receiving potentially suspicious e-mail:

-Does the email contain odd information – says you owe money that you are not aware of, got your name from a location you are not familiar with, looking for help with something you have no connection to?

-Is there a lack of punctuation, misspellings, sentence fragments, etc?

-Does the sender’s email address come from an institution or a general gmail or yahoo account?

-Research the person or institution and call for verification.

-If you are not sure about the content have a friend or family member review for a different perspective on the content.

Check out this link from the Federal Trade Commission for more information on avoiding fraud