PLU Community Safety Alert – Concerning Visitor Behavior

Alert Type: Warning

Start Time: Mar 19, 2019 @ 4:00pm

End Time: Undetermined

Status: OK

The library is among the many university spaces where we welcome community members to join us on campus. Recently, we have received reports that, while in the library, two different students have been touched by a non-student without their consent. The individual in question typically begins the interaction by joining students at a communal table and attempting to strike up a conversation before attempting to transition to more personal and potentially inappropriate conversations. The non-student in question was restricted from campus property on 03/13/2019. The individual has since been seen on campus and has had additional interactions with students.

To respond to this issue, library faculty and staff have been alerted to the situation and have been directed to contact Campus Safety if the individual is seen in the building. Additionally Campus Safety will be increasing its visual presence in and near the library.

We ask that students, staff, and faculty recognize the public nature of the library space and remain vigilant about their surroundings. Please report any suspicious activity to Campus Safety by calling (253)535-7441 or (253)535-7911.