Graduate Fellowship Application
The graduate fellowship program offers graduate students an opportunity to participate in academic and administrative activities that will enhance their graduate education experience, as well as provide financial assistance. In addition to this application and skills inventory, information in the applicant's admission file may be assessed. To be eligible for a graduate fellowship, an applicant must be: 

a) Admitted to a MAE Res Cert program at PLU
b) Maintain a minimum cumulative 3.0 graduate grade point average
c) be enrolled full-time [4 credits or more except J-term] during the semester/term of the fellowship.

A limited number of fellowships are available during the academic year. Full awards are very rare. In general, fellowship awards are for interactions and opportunities involving time commitments between five and ten hours per week. Criteria for awarding fellowships may include any combination of the following:

a) Skills and Abilities
b) Academic Merit
c) Potential for Success
d) Contribution to the miss of the graduate program and University

Fellowships may be considered taxable income.

Complete and submit both sections of this form along with a current resume by the February 1st deadline.

February 1st is the priority application date for fellowship consideration for the upcoming academic year. Applications received after the priority date will be reviewed as funds are available.

Total amount of fellowship and scholarship financial aid cannot exceed a student's total tuition cost for the period rewarded.

Graduate Fellowship Application

Graduate Fellowship Application

Placement Preference

Skills Assessment
Please assess your proficiency in the following skills:
Computer Skills:

Professional Skills:

Analytical Skills:

Graduate Fellowship Application

Indicate Languages other than English in which you are fluent:

Identify any other unique skills & abilities you possess which should be considered:

Graduate Fellowship Application

I acknowledge with my electronic signature below that to the best of my knowledge, all statements I have made in this application are complete and true. I give my permission to Graduate Programs and Continuing Education and individual graduate programs to use this application form and any or all materials from my graduate application file for the purpose of reviewing my credentials for a graduate fellowship or scholarship.

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