MAE Residency Teacher Certification FAQs

What’s most distinctive about PLU’s MAE with Certification program?

Combining a balanced mixture of on-campus coursework and fieldwork, PLU’s program has been designed for motivated students who are willing to work extremely hard to obtain their teaching credentials within a one year period.

Is there a “typical student” in the program?

Not really. There are students who have come straight from their undergraduate programs and students who are making career changes. Consequently, each year the PLU program will have students who range in age from 22 to 50+. This combination makes for diverse cohorts of students who are able to share from their unique perspectives.

What exactly is a “cohort” of students?

All of our students enter at the same time (mid-June) and progress through the program together, rather than randomly taking courses over an extended period of time.

What are the admission requirements?

For detailed information, please see our admission requirements page.

What is the tuition cost and is financial aid available?

Please see our program cost and financial aid pages for detailed information.

I'm at a school on the quarter system, will I graduate in time to be able to start in the summer?

We always set the start date for the MAE program so it is after the quarter schools are out.  Some candidates graduate on a Saturday and start the MAE program on a Monday, but we’re very intentional about the start date in that respect.

When are the classes offered?

  • This is a full time program starting in mid-June and ending the following June.
  • Each term will consist of a combination of on-campus course work and fieldwork,including the summer.
  • The specific schedule varies each semester, but will generally include coursework and fieldwork during normal business hours plus occasional Saturdays depending on the term.

Where can I complete my student teaching (internship) placement?

  • Although we cannot guarantee placement within a specific district, we will make every effort to negotiate a placement in or near your first choice site.
  • Placements typically are set up along the I-5 corridor.

Is PLU an accredited Institution?

PLU is a regionally accredited university, accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

It has specific education accreditation from:

  • National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)
  • Professional Education Standards Board, Washington State

What endorsements are available through the program?

Click this link to see the complete list of Endorsements available at PLU.

When will I know if I am accepted?

  • Typically within a week of completing your formal interview. The interview is scheduled once an application portfolio is complete.
  • To check on the status of your file call the Graduate Programs office at 253-535-8570

What kind of assistance is provided in seeking employment?

Although we cannot guarantee employment, we provide several opportunities for candidates to network with key district personnel; explore their options at PLU sponsored career fairs, and taking advantage of faculty and staff expertise in their pursuit.

I have ACT scores to submit in all subject areas except writing, can I still submit my scores?

Yes, you can still submit your ACT scores, but you will need to take the West-B writing test.

MAE Alternative Routes FAQs

Support Letter from school district

If you are working for a school district, submit a Letter of Support from your school’s human resources to confirm their partnership with PLU to ensure that you can meet the student teaching requirements.