Endorsements indicate which content and grade levels you are qualified for and authorized to teach.  All Education Candidates must earn at least one endorsement. Candidates must also pass the appropriate WEST-E or NES test for each endorsement.

Undergraduate Level Endorsements

The Bachelor of Arts in Education program’s primary endorsement is in Elementary Education, which covers grades K-8.  Elementary candidates are strongly encouraged to earn an additional endorsement in order to improve job prospects.

For candidates interested in Health & Fitness Education or Music Education, click the below images to be redirected to the program pages for those endorsements.

Graduate Level Endorsements

Master of Arts in Education and Alternative Routes to Certification candidates must complete all necessary coursework before the program begins in June. Candidates looking to earn a Special Education or English Language Learners endorsement are not eligible to test until they have satisfied the coursework requirements in the first summer of the program.

Click on the endorsement name for the content worksheet which provides an overview of content requirements, which must be fulfilled prior to starting the graduate programs.