The Bachelor of Arts in Education Program is designed for students earning an undergraduate degree who wish to teach Elementary or Middle school (K-8th). The program runs during a student’s Junior and Senior year at Pacific Lutheran University. During this time, students focus on learning the base tools to become an effective educator in the classroom.

All Bachelor of Arts in Education students earn an Elementary Education Endorsement. They will also specialize in one of the following additional endorsements:

The endorsements signify what the student will be specialized to teach when they graduate from the program.

During the course of the program, students will take rigorous coursework intended to prepare them for their final spring semester when they will complete 6 weeks of student teaching which involves facilitating a classroom on their won. Before the final spring semester, students will complete a set number of hours in “Practicum”. Practicum is time each student spends within a classroom learning first hand from a current teacher.

Program Overview

  • Total Credits: 68 – 70
  • Program Length: 2 years (Junior and Senior year)
  • Program Start: Fall Semester (ONLY)
  • Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better and a letter Grade B- or higher in all professional education coursework (EDUC, SPED, EPSY)
  • Program Options: Elementary Education with a minimum  of one additional endorsement in one of the following areas: Special Education, English Language Learners, Reading or Early Childhood Special Education.
  • Example Program Schedule
  • Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

Application Information

Deadlines: Priority deadline is December 1st for current PLU students with 50 credits or more pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Education degree. February 22nd is the program deadline for current PLU students and Transfer students to guarantee consideration. Applications received after February 22nd will be reviewed based on availability.


  • Cumulative GPA of at least 2.75
  • Grades of “C” or better in Psychology 101, Math 123, and Writing 101 or equivalent.
  • Junior status / 60+ semester credits (by start of program)

Application Components:

  • Application
  • Passing WEST-B Scores (240 cut score) or equivalent SAT/ACT Scores
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
    • One specific to your work with young people
    • One specific to your academics (College/University)
  • Application Essay: Explain your views on the role of education in society and your reasons for wanting to enter the teaching profession. Indicate how your talents, skills, and experiences might contribute to the community. 500 – 750 words.

Transfer students must also apply and be accepted to PLU. Click here for more information about transferring to the PLU Education program.

The admissions committee will review all applications at the deadline. If selected for an interview you will be contacted with instructions to call and reserve an interview time.