Videos Spotlighting the Master of Arts in Education

Personalized Faculty Support

The student-to-faculty ratio of the Master’s in Education program is approximately 15 to one. In this video, Mary Jo Larsen, the Assistant Dean of the Department of Education at PLU talks about how the faculty stay engaged and closely connected with the students on a one-on-one basis.

Preparing New Teachers

Pacific Lutheran University has been training teachers for more than 120 years. We not only prepare quality candidates but diverse, fun professionals with a lot to offer. In this video, Larry Kennedy ’14 talks about how the program prepares new teachers.

Become a Teacher in One Year

When students enroll in the year-long Master’s in Education program, they will be teaching in a public school for the entire school year. In this video, Mary Jo Larsen, the Assistant Dean of Education, talks about how the MAE program helps students be successful in the field of teaching.

What Makes an Excellent Teacher?

You want to teach. We offer three pathways to becoming a teacher, MAE – Teacher Certification, MAE – Alternative Routes, and MAE – Non-Certification for International Students. All three programs prepare you with a strong theoretical foundation and real classroom experience. Our intense coursework and schedule provide you with rigorous preparation to gain the skills to become an effective teacher and educator.