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Henry Tieu

Henry Tieu

International Student Admission Intern

253-535-7701 (office)



Vietnam, Nursing students, International students from Highline Community College


Nursing, Junior



What are you involved in on campus?

Delta Iota Chi (Nursing club), ASPLU, Greendot

What do you like most about PLU?

When people think of PLU, most would think that we are small and we are all Lutherans or at least Christians. However, that is not true. Being small gives PLU students an opportunity to get to know one another better through classes, events or just simply living in the same residential hall. It really gives you “the college experience”. About the second myth about religion, although we are a Lutheran school, we don’t force anyone to do anything against their beliefs. PLU has Chapel hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for those who are interested. For those who are not Lutherans or Christians, they would have that time to study for the next class or just to talk to friends since there will be no class during those hours. I like that most about PLU because I can be who I want to be. I don’t have to “alter” myself for anything.

What do you do for the Admission office?

Admission Intern. Beside doing office work such as entering data, organize files and campus tours, I also plan for campus events and attend events at other community colleges around the area.

What's one piece of advice you would give to incoming students?

Don’t bring your Xbox or PS3. PLU provides all the opportunity for you to have the college experience, but you need to go out and experience it for yourself. It is not all about what you learn in your class, but it’s also about what you learn from other people, and being involved is the best way to make some new friends, to learn from others, or to simply have fun.