Decal Regulations

Registration decals are valid only for the person and vehicle(s) to which they are originally issued. Decals are to be affixed to the front windshield on the lower left hand (driver) side in plain view with the number clearly visible. Decals may also be placed in a clear plastic sleeve on the dash in the same location, and drivers are expected to ensure that the entire decal and number are clearly visible. Only one decal is permitted to be displayed at one time. Decals from previous years need to be removed. Persons with state issued Handicapped Parking decals, plates or placards may use any available Handicapped Parking space.

General Regulations


The university administration has established regulations for the control of parking, traffic and other matters on campus.


Parking lots are enforced from 7:00 am-5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, twelve months a year. Areas that are enforced 24 hours per day are: fire lanes, restricted areas, handicapped spaces, loading zones and reserved 24 hour spaces. Driving on inner campus is strictly regulated. Generally, student vehicles are not permitted on the inner campus except during official move-in and out days. The university reserves the right to change designated use of parking lots at any time to provide for special needs. Parking regulations are enforced even when classes are not in session.

Visitor Parking

Visitors may park in any unreserved approved parking space in any PLU lot after obtaining a Temporary Parking Permit from the Campus Safety Office. Some offices on campus are also able to provide visitor passes as well, so please check before arriving. Timed parking spaces are available in the East and West Hauge Lots, University Center lot, Columbia Center, Library and Health Lots. Visitors may park on the street without obtaining a permit. Please view our campus map for assistance with locating a parking lot.

Unauthorized Parking

Parking in an unauthorized place will result in a ticket being issued and subjects the vehicle to being towed at the owner’s expense.