Chinese Studies Program

Regular Program Faculty

Erik Hammerstrom 韩光

Assistant Professor of Religion

Office 253-535-7225

Joyman Lee

Assistant Professor

Office 253-535-8744

Paul Manfredi 魏朴

Chair of Chinese Studies, Associate Professor of Chinese

Office 253-535-7216

Akiko Nosaka

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Office 253-535-7664 (office)

Leihua Weng 翁蕾華

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese

Office 253-535-7630

Greg Youtz 游子国

Professor of Music & Composer

Office 253-535-7619

Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant

Zili Hu

Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant

Program-Affiliated Faculty

Ron Byrnes

Associate Professor in the School of Education

Office 253-535-7286

Priscilla St. Clair

Associate Professor of Economics

Office 253-535-7662

Spencer Ebbinga

Associate Professor of Art

Office 253-535-7576

Brian Maeng 孟周烈

Assistant Professor of Business

Office 253-535-7301

Laura McCloud

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Office 253-535-7342

Matt Monnot

Assistant Professor of Business

Office 253-535-7303

Sidney Rittenberg

Friend of the Program