Chinese Studies Program

Mahlon Meyer 馬一龍

Mahlon Meyer 馬一龍

Visiting Assistant Professor of History

253-535-7660 (office)



B.A. in Philosophy and Religious Studies, Stanford University, 1989

M.A. in Regional Studies: East Asia, Harvard University, 1994

Ph.D. in Ancient, Late Imperial and Modern Chinese History and Early American History, University of Washington, 2008

Areas of Emphasis

Modern China, Nationalist Party, Confucianism

Mahlon Meyer was enroute to a career in academia when he was derailed by a secondary career in journalism in Asia, where he worked as a magazine staff correspondent covering China, Taiwan, the Philippines, southeast Asia and other areas and eventually worked for a short time for a Chinese Satellite television network. He returned to academia in 2003 and spent 2007-2008 on a Fulbright in Taiwan and mainland China interviewing families that had been divided by the Chinese Civil War. He continues to conduct research and writes  for the Huffington Post. He teaches in the History Department at Pacific Lutheran University.