In order to meet your informational needs this page has been designed for you to explore independently. Extensive resources are available both on campus and online.

Books & CDs

The counseling staff has compiled a variety of books that are now on permanent reserve in the library. You can view our selection of titles on our books page. In addition to books, several series of Relaxation Response CD’s are available for check out at the PLU Library. In the on-line catalog, go to Course Reserves, and in the “classes” drop-down they are listed under MISC: Counseling Center.

Titles Include:

  • Bringing Relaxation to Your Life
  • Eight Relaxation Response Exercises
  • Progressive Relaxation and Autogenic Training
  • Sights and Sounds Meditation

Online Resources

General Information



Domestic Violence

Eating Disorders

Grief, Loss, or Death Issues

Sexual Assault


Substance Abuse

Suicide Prevention

Stress Management

Post Traumatic Stress

Other Miscellaneous Resources