Alexandra Lampert

Alexandra Lampert

Acquisitions Coordinator

Renaissance person?  Citizen of the world?  Destined to repeat (at least her geographic) history?  Whether all three or none of these, Alexandra Lampert already has a life rich in experiences and travels that began near and has now returned to Parkland.  

Alexandra joined I&TS in May 2007 after several years of work in Seattle.  But the first phase of her life, through about fifth grade, played out in the Spanaway-Parkland area.  Here she remembers being a frequent visitor to Pacific Lutheran University, how her father’s last wish was for her to attend PLU, a movie theater between the current Lieu’s Chinese Restaurant & Walgreens, laps in the PLU swimming pool, and, of course, the Piggly-Wiggly where the Garfield Book Co. now stands.

Her family moved to Sumner while Alexandra was finishing up elementary school, and in time she graduated from Sumner High School.  After a couple of years at Pierce College (she was one of the first students to participate in the Running Start program), Alexandra experienced her first return to Parkland as a PLU student, graduating with majors in anthropology and religion plus minors in psychology and philosophy. 

Then it was work in Seattle for several years for a medical software company where she began providing administrative support before moving into their educational department.  When a series of lay-offs came after the company was swallowed by a very large fish,  Alexandra survived until the fifth round of "reductions-in-force".  Meanwhile, though, she had already completed much of the work on a master’s degree in information science from Wisconsin-Milwaukee, so she clearly was inclined and destined toward a library.  

Which brings us to PLU yet again, this time to assume her current role in Library Services in May 2007…a happenstance she describes as “a little surreal”!

Circling back to Parkland time and again is not Alexandra’s main preoccupation, though.  Over the years she has traveled to the Middle East, Europe (several times), and nearly all 50 states and she is currently planning her next trip.  Not exciting on the face of it?  How about hiking in the valley of the Grand Canyon, helicopter and hot air balloon rides, archeology on several Forest Service sites (she double-majored in archeology and religion), dragon boating, and kayaking.  Throw in recent investments in voice lessons, learning to play golf, and woodcarving, and she is, more apparently, a well-rounded PLU grad.  

Welcome home, Alexandra!