Information & Technology Services Policies

Pacific Lutheran University provides information technology (IT) services in support of the university’s educational mission. IT services include computer labs, data and voice networks, classroom and instructional technologies, and various administrative information systems. Policies related to these services extend also to copyright infringement, content accessed or downloaded over the network (even with personally owned computers), and appropriate use of all modes of electronic communication within PLU systems. Policies can be found on the I&TS Policies web site under Responsible Use of PLU Technology & Related Resources.

Use of IT services is a privilege granted to PLU students, faculty, and staff for learning and working in the PLU community. All members of the PLU community are expected to comply with PLU IT policies.


Information & Technology Services strives continuously to align its services and resources with university needs. Determination of these needs is achieved in a variety of ways, beginning with close work with constituents and governance partners.

President’s Council

The Vice President for Finance and Administration, through whom I&TS reports, is a member of President’s Council. Annual I&TS initiatives and a rolling 18-month plan (refreshed semi-annually) are submitted to the Vice President for Finance and Administration and reviewed by President’s Council,  the Instructional Resources Committee, and other constituent bodies.

Instructional Resources Committee (IRC)

The IRC is the principal faculty committee concerned with I&TS operations. Membership includes students and key administrators in addition to faculty. The committee’s charge can be found on the Faculty Governance website.

Data Administration Team (DAT)

DAT is the leading constituent (user) group for such administrative information systems as Banner. DAT meets bi-weekly, communicates frequently, and, while administratively independent, works closely with I&TS Information Systems.