Information & Technology Services provides technology and a wide range of services, planning, and leadership in support of the university’s core teaching-learning mission and for effective conduct of the university’s business.

A life of thoughtful inquiry, service, leadership, and care requires the ability to find and use information and to communicate effectively. I&TS is an active partner in the preparation of PLU students for lives of service in an increasingly digital world.

I&TS envisions an information environment at PLU that:

  • is easy to access and to navigate
  • enables rich communication among all members of the PLU community
  • supplies resources and encouragement for innovation
  • provides effective information professionals in support of teaching-learning, research, and conducting the university’s business

I&TS core values include the promotion of information literacy and technology awareness, cultivation of critical thinking skills, intellectual freedom, and equity of access to information.

Toward this end, I&TS marshals its material and human resources in ways that cultivate interdependence as an asset while relying heavily on collaboration, trust, and the empowerment of individuals & service teams to respond rapidly to the needs of our constituents.

We are here to assist in making you successful – as a student, a member of the faculty, or an administrator. To do that we need your feedback.