I&TS Departments

Information & Technology Services is organized (organizational chart) into three service groups with information about each in the tabs below:

Information Systems

Information Systems is a service area within I&TS dedicated to supporting the PLU community in the effective and efficient use of university wide applications in order to provide superior experience to both the students and university faculty and staff.
Key applications the team supports include: Banner Administrative Pages, Banner Self-Service, Administrative Reporting, Etrieve, and many other administrative applications and services integral to the operation of the university.
In addition, Information Systems provides standard institutional reporting and integrations between many other internal and external systems used by the university.

Enterprise Systems

Systems & Communications is a service area within I&TS that focuses primarily on enterprise applications and infrastructure level services.  With responsibility for campus-wide voice & data communications, central server administration, and administrative applications, Systems & Communications maintains:

  • connections and equipment for nearly 2,500 telephones,
  • wired & wireless network connectivity for over 6,700 devices, and
  • two core data centers (server rooms) that house approximately 100 servers that enable Banner, web, email, database, many administrative applications, and other services integral to the operation of the university.

User Services

User Services is a service area within Information & Technology Services that operates the Help Desk, a front-end to technology-related services for the PLU community. The User Services area consists of four distinct groups that provide technical support for the campus. User Support purchases, installs, and maintains university computers and provides troubleshooting assistance with computers and software. Instructional Technologies (iTech) provides assistance with learning technologies such as screencasting, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Google Workspace Apps. Classroom & Events Technologies provides classroom technology installation and support as well as multimedia technology support for events. The Academic Web Development team provides technical support and web integration services for web systems such as Sakai and other web applications. User Services also operates two computer labs in the Library: the Haley Center Lab and the Digital Design Lab.

User Services Mission Statement

To enable the PLU community with user-centric service, support and training to enhance the use of technology in teaching and learning.

  • Empowering users with information technology and skills for enhancing teaching and learning.
  • Providing responsive and patient technology support and quality customer service for teaching and learning.
  • Fostering continuous learning and exploration to keep pace with changing technologies.
  • Providing learning opportunities and tools for the collection, organization and distribution of new media.
  • Integrating and supporting user-centric administrative, learning management, and content management systems.
  • Information technology embedded, realized, and sustained.

User Services Teams

User Services & Instructional Technology is comprised of four teams:

  • Classroom & Event Technologies – purchasing, installation, and maintenance of classroom technology; deployment and use of technology for events on campus; equipment rentals for class projects
  • Instructional Technologies – management of digital design labs; PLUTO support; training and support for instructional systems and equipment
  • Web Development – technical support and web integration services for web systems and applications.
  • User Support –  Help Desk; technology and software purchasing, installation, and support.