1.1 General Principles and Contacts

Pacific Lutheran University provides information technology (IT) services in support of the university’s educational mission. IT services include but are not limited to computer labs, data and voice networks, classroom and instructional technologies, and administrative systems. Policies related to IT services and resources extend also to copyright infringement, intellectual property, content accessed or downloaded over the PLU network, and appropriate use of communication systems & services owned, subscribed to, or supported by PLU.

Use of IT services is a privilege granted to PLU students, faculty, and staff for learning and working in community. In using PLU technology and related services, all members of the PLU community are expected to

  • exercise sound judgment and personal responsibility for one’s behavior
  • know and comply with all policies and procedures
  • respect the rights and privacy of others
  • be accountable to university policies, staff and faculty handbooks as appropriate, the student code of conduct as appropriate, and to local, state, and federal law

No policy framework can account for all aspects of responsible use of technology or proscribe all unacceptable uses of technology. Community standards and expectations outlined in the Student Code of Conduct, Personnel Manual, and Faculty Handbook should also be referenced when assessing responsible use of technology.

Policy violations and questions should be reported to one of these offices:

Policies are enforced and sanctions are determined by the appropriate vice president in concert with the applicable process (e.g., Student Code of Conduct for students, and either faculty or personnel manuals for employees) and in consultation with the I&TS senior leadership. Sanctions can range up to and include suspension or revocation of network access privileges, separation from the university, or legal action. In some cases (e.g., trafficking in child pornography) there may also be a mandatory referral to an external law enforcement agency.

Policy revisions will be drafted by I&TS and reviewed by President’s Council. Information & Technology Services senior leadership maintains the most recent version of these policies.