2.1 General Privacy Policy Statement

Pacific Lutheran University and its service providers strive to maintain an atmosphere in which learning and research flourish. Essential to realizing this goal are electronic communications, administrative information systems, network services, and other electronic resources provided by the university. Essential, too, is that PLU community members are secure, safe, and free from harassment in their use of these systems.

To this end, members of the PLU community should have no expectation of privacy in any document or communication that is stored or transmitted via PLU servers or its electronic systems. While PLU does not undertake regular or consistent monitoring of content stored in or transmitted via university systems, it reserves the right to do so, if in its sole discretion the need arises. PLU further reserves the right to discipline community members for misuse of a system or resource in violation of university policies. Students, employees, and others who use the PLU networks or networked resources should be aware of these policies as set out in the Personnel Manual, Faculty HandbookStudent Code of Conduct, and Privacy Statement.