David Rebar

David Rebar

User Support Team Manager

Perspective sure helps.

It’s been quite an interesting, change-filled four years for David Rebar, User Support Team Lead.  As a valued member of User Support prior to the restructuring of I&TS, and now a key leader in the new I&TS User Services, David has been in the midst of shifting reporting relationships, rethinking service delivery modes and models, implementation of PLU’s Google Apps for Education, and implementation of at least one major new software system (Web Help Desk).

Running parallel to all these changes in the workplace have been even more dramatic changes in his personal life.  David married Stacie four years ago, they’ve acquired a house, and now they have a young child (Alana) with another baby due in February.  And from his relationship with Stacie comes regular engagement of her farm family in Bow, Washington. 

With all this in flux, how does David keep his bearing?  Faith and family provide perspective and set priorities for both David and Stacie.  For instance, while they have enjoyed traveling – they went to Greece for their honeymoon and in 2007 David was the staff associate for a J-Term class in South Africa – David and Stacie agree they’re going to have to wait for a few years before returning to this form of pleasure. 

Perspective also comes from The Lutheran Church of Christ the King.  Both David and Stacie are active there, with David serving as financial secretary of the church council for a few years now.  While he began work at PLU as a technical support specialist in Natural Sciences in 2000, it was participation in one of the triennial ELCA Youth Gatherings that introduced David to others in what is now I&TS and encouraged him to seek out his current position.

That’s a lot to have in motion in one’s life, but David works through it all, setting priorities and choosing among competing interests with self-awareness and forbearance.  A new wife, child, and lots of family can do that for you.  So can deep commitment to a dynamic spiritual life and community.

Perspective is everything.