Department ofPsychology

Heidi Beebe McLaughlin

Visiting Assistant Professor

Office 253-535-7640

Michelle L. Ceynar

Professor and Chair of Psychology

Office 253-535-7297

Katie Crowell

Visiting Assistant Professor

Office 253-535-7658

Sara Finley

Assistant Professor

Office 253-535-7660

Jon E. Grahe

Professor of Psychology

Office 253-535-7394

Western Regional VP for Psi Chi
Psi Chi

Executive Editor for Journal of Social Psychology
Journal of Social Psychology

Council for Undergraduate Research Councilor
Council for Undergraduate Research

Izabela Grey

Visiting Assistant Professor

Office 253-535-8745

Christine L. Hansvick

Professor of Psychology

Office 253-535-7654

Christine M. Moon

Professor of Psychology, Pacific Lutheran University; Associate Professor, Dept. of Speech and Hearing Sciences; Affiliate Faculty, University of Washington, Seattle

Office 253-535-7471

John N. Moritsugu

Professor of Psychology

Office 253-535-7650

Wendelyn J. Shore

Professor of Psychology on Sabbatical 2014-2015

Office 253-535-8348

Marianne G. Taylor

Associate Professor of Psychology

Office 253-535-7657

Teru Toyokawa

Associate Professor of Psychology

Office 253-535-7734

Dana D. Anderson

Professor of Psychology "Phased Retirement"

Office 253-535-7646