Psychology Student Research Conference

Session 1: 4:30-5:15 p.m.

* PSYC242 Advanced Research Methods Project

** PSYC481 Research Seminar presenters

***PSYC499 Capstone presenters

Analyzing the Impact of Social Media on the Increase of Premature Self-diagnosis***

Perceptions of Single Parents Based on Their Gender and Parenting Style*

Cross-cultural milestones: Exploring language acquisition of vehicle terms in German and English speaking children**

Pedagogy and Creative Exploration: Influence of Instruction and Convention on Confident Learning Behaviors***

The Influence of OCPD Diagnosis Disclosure and Gender on Perceptions of Peers*

Psychological Skills for Student Athletes***

Is There a Positivity Bias in Word Learning?**

Does emotional priming and delivery methods influence perceptions of ambiguous statements? *

Simple Emotion Word Acquisition in American English Between Males and Females**

Effects of Social Media and Trust on Romantic Relationship Satisfaction***

Bridging Disciplinary Divides: Understanding Connectedness Among Female Undergrad Students in STEM and Non-STEM Majors***

How Scarcity/Abundance Priming in a Religious or Nonreligious Context Influences Infidelity Likelihood*

Session 2: 5:20-6:05 p.m.

* PSYC242 Advanced Research Methods Project

** PSYC481 Research Seminar presenters

***PSYC499 Capstone presenters

Contributions of Emotional Priming and Feedback on Self-Efficacy*

Enhancing Educational Outcomes: The Role of ChatGPT in Facilitating Effective Learning***

Dismantling and Healing the Pain: How Racism as a Chronic Stressor Influences Intimate Relationship in Adulthood for Women of Color***

Gender stereotyped words produced by toddlers**

Does Loneliness Priming Encourage People to Ascribe Human Characteristics to Robots?*

Unresolved Mystery: Cultural and linguistic influences on acquisition of basic emotion words**

The Effect of Facial Trustworthiness and Background Color on Perceptions of Faces*

Encountering Disagreement and Evidence from a Peer: Exploring Children’s and College Student’s Intellectually Humble Responses***

Maternal education effects on language acquisition: A cross-linguistic study**

Military Separation: A Comprehensive Review of Influencing and Mediating Factors on Children’s Psychological Well-being***

False Socialization: Social Media’s Impact on Loneliness and Substance Abuse

The “Drunken Indian” Stereotype and Physical Dating Violence***

Psychology Student Research Conference

May 16, 2024

4:30-6:30 pm

Chris Knutzen Hall, Anderson University Center