PLU's Capstone Experience

Beginning with the Fall 2008 academic year, all psychology majors will be enrolling in PSYC 499 in order to fulfill the capstone requirement.  Presentation of a poster at the Psychology Capstone Conference at the end of the term is part of this requirement.  Enrolling in this course requires the signature of the professor of record on the class schedule on an Add/Drop/Withdraw form.  Students must be able to meet at the designated time as noted in the class schedule.

For students completing the B.S. degree, PSYC 499 serves as an advanced course providing students the opportunity to design and conduct ongoing research and review current research in psychology.  It is directed toward helping students perform research studies that may be suitable for submission to journals or presentations at conferences.  To maximize the effectiveness of the course, students are encouraged to give advance consideration to areas and designs for possible research.

For psychology majors earning the B.A. degree, PSYC 499 is designed to assist students with completing and presenting a project adapted from an upper-division psychology course, or an advanced research or internship project.

Prerequisites:  101, 242, and consent of instructor.

Further details on the capstone are available from any member of the department or in the Psychology Department’s  reception area (Xavier 241).  Contact any faculty member or the chair of the department, Dr. Christine Hansvick, with questions.

Please note that all majors declaring Fall 2005 or later will take 2 credits of an experiential learning requirement in addition to the capstone requirement.  For more specific course details and instructions on enrolling in the experiential learning requirement (i.e., PSYC 495, 496 or 497), check out these instructions.