Department ofPsychology

Heidi  Beebe McLaughlin

Heidi Beebe McLaughlin

Visiting Assistant Professor

253-535-7640 (office)



Cognitive development, sociocultural contribution to cognitive processes, development of contamination sensitivity and biological concepts


BA in Russian Language and Literature, University of Illinois (Chicago), 2006

MA in Developmental Psychology, University of California (Riverside), 2009

PhD in Developmental Psychology, University of California (Riverside), 2013

I am interested in how children learn about health behaviors and concepts, especially in developing countries and economically disadvantaged areas of the US.  My research is both field and lab based. Internationally I have conducted research in rural Uganda and Tanzania where I studied children's involvement in Aid Projects, assessed contamination sensitivity and health knowledge of children from ages 4 - 16 years old, and examined the transmission of health knowledge in a Maasai community.  Domestically I have studied how interactions between mothers and children contribute to children's understanding of biological concepts and contamination sensitivity.